5 Tips to Organize Kitchen Drawers

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Generally kitchen drawers are used to store a lot of goods, starting from cookware, eating utensils, cutlery, plastic bags, fabric scraps, etc. These items should be arranged and organized as neat as possible so that when you need one of them, then it will be easy to find. After you organize the kitchen drawer, it will be very helpful  you to organize and put such equipment.

Here are some instructions that you can apply to organize kitchen drawers in your lovely kitchen.

  1. Take out all the stuffs from your kitchen drawer. If there are many shelves as well as on the kitchen set, choose the biggest one. the biggest shelf most likely contains a lot of stuff and it messy. If you don’t want your desk messy, put the stuffs from your drawers into the cardboard box.
  2. After emptying your kitchen set, then you have to do is to clean the inside of the drawer. Use a sponge, rag, or wet tissue to clean the inside of your kitchen set drawer. Clean the drawer from a variety of small impurities in it. If necessary you can use a soaked rag to clean the traces of oil.
  3. You can make a hanger for the spatula on the wall near where you cook and fry. But don’t forget to consider the hygiene or aesthetic of the kitchen kitchen. If you do not want your spatula to be viewed, you can store it in the rack, so when the rack is closed then the equipment will be covered as well.
  4. Collect items or objects that are no longer needed. Dull knifes, worn towels, plastic ware that is broken or melted due to the heat, etc. You should get rid of these items.
  5. You should classify the equipment such as sharp knife in its own container, be careful of sharp objects because it can hurt your fingers. Note also the possibility your kids reach the drawers where you stored sharp tools such as knives, and you should also lock the drawers to avoid the reach of children.

After you organizing the kitchen drawers in your kitchen, definitely your kitchen will look more beautiful and neat. Do not forget to set the layout of your kitchen furniture as neat as possible in order to make your kitchen becomes more beautiful and feels spacious.

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