Kitchen Cabinets: Handles, knobs or bars?

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If you buy a new kitchen, you go mostly for appearance. Your kitchen should indeed look good. Of course, the practical side is important, but if you’re not careful (and do not have a good adviser), limit your soon only to the height and possibly the kitchen triangle. The finish is just as important, but often comes last. Therefore, a blog about handles for your kitchen cabinets. Are the knobs, handles or bars?

Cupboard handles, what is it?

A kitchen buy soon as he stands in the showroom you see a model, is sure it fits here and there and buys him. If such a model then took charge is, you buy a handless kitchen – in many cases you do not think that you even can buy a version with buttons or maybe that’s much easier (and nicer). In addition, a handle-free kitchen in various versions (invisible visible handles or grips) in fashion. This simplifies your choices even further.

But if you could choose knobs, handles or bars? And when is a handle-less cupboard handy?

Handleless kitchen cabinets

Handleless kitchen cabinets are already a few years in fashion. Last year we even wrote an article that went to new trends in the field of handle-free kitchen cabinets: invisible handles.

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An advantage of a handless kitchen is that it looks very tight: for he has no protrusions. It also has the advantage that you never use your apron or clothes can linger behind. Handleless kitchen cupboards have a handle in the form of an invisible frame. This is often at the top of the base units and at the bottom of the upper cupboards. You can easily then so open your fingers in place and pulling your cabinets.

Convenient or not, a handle-less cupboard does not always suit your style. A country kitchen for example, must be almost have handles, otherwise it does not fit. And in some cases, for example when you have a motor disability, is a button bar or just much easier.

Kitchen cabinet with buttons

Knobs for kitchen cabinets come in all shapes and sizes: You have large and small, smooth and machined, round and square, colored and plain, wood and metal, and so on.

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One button gives your kitchen a classic look (but not old-fashioned!) And is useful when you want to easily be able to open your kitchen cabinets or if you have physical limitations. In addition, a button always mounted on the side where the opening of the box, so you’ll never be able to draw on the wrong side – which could in handle-less cupboards namely happen. A button is not useful if you have a wide drawers or large larder: then you have quite a small instrument of weight to pull out and that is awkward and sometimes downright bad for your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet with handles

If you want something soon or fancy, you can opt for a kitchen cabinet with handles. Also handles come in all shapes and sizes. Because they are larger than buttons, they jump slightly in the eye, but that is also dependent on the design and the colors of your kitchen. A selection gives you a bit more grip than a button and is also ideal for larger and fuller drawers because you distribute the weight better. That saves traction. Note that if you have wide and narrow drawers and cabinets: what at one cupboard superb condition, can happen just very ugly at another table. You must be looking for a “middle way”.

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Kitchen cabinet with rods

Finally, there is the kitchen cupboard with rods. Rods are – to put it bluntly – large handles: they are applied over the entire height or width of kitchen drawers. Rods are available in all shapes and sizes and are often the most beautiful in modern kitchens: classic or country kitchen with a bar is not so good dividends.

Rods are ideal because you can hold them at all random positions, but it also has a disadvantage: the kids can then just with dangerous products. In that case, you’d better buy additional security.

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Kitchen cupboard: which grip you choose?

Whether you choose a handle-free kitchen cabinet or for a hold – to what implementation – depends on the design of your kitchen and your own experiences. You’re always a handle been used and found you that be nice, then you can choose – so there again for as long as that in your design fits of course.

We encourage you to to test what you want. Of course you are so accustomed to your new button or handle, but if you still can choose, test than what you really like. Then are you sure you have the next fifteen years enjoy it!

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