Top 10 Kitchen Appliance Trends 2017

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Earlier this week we wrote about kitchen trends for 2016, now we like to share about kitchen appliance trends 2017. In that article we put 10 possible trends in a row. Which were all quite detailed, but not really understand what is happening in the market right now is all about change. For household so.

It’s still the first week of the year, so we dare it to to an overview of issues that may be more in the eye going to jump in the coming months. It won’t be the last kitchen trendwatch are this year, but we love it for the rest of month over on.

Soft colors

A few years ago we predicted the rise of pastel colors in the kitchen. That trend was everywhere to see, yet many consumers remained back at the old familiar: kitchen cabinets in one specific color.

Interior Designer Jane Lockhart was predicted that this year more soft colors and pastel shades going against. White remains the main color, but we go according to her more softer tones. In other words: the hard, shiny is off and there are less saturated colors. Where we have to think? To charcoal, grey and even pale blue and greenish tones. Also lighter wood shades, such as walnut, whitewash and white oak, going to do this year.

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Primary colors are put on the back burner and that also applies to high gloss.

Smart storage areas

We wrote it already in the other article: trend of storage you never get enough. Therefore, there will be more smart storage spaces, especially for smartphones and tablets and their accessories. There are more places with hidden charging stations. Then the smart kitchen appliances of course inevitable.

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Back to the eighties

There is attention for the eighties: the back wall mirrors, there is more space for copper and the high-gloss applications despite the muted colors will not disappear altogether. At the same time, there is of course a modern twist: the plastic like there from and more natural materials.

This trend fits Nice at the sentiment of certain generations. In addition, the introduction of shiny metal not completely new: we see already more and more copper, bronze and brass come back. This development fits so seamlessly.

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Metal hoods

Even more gleamed. Last year was the metal finish, be it copper, brass or bronze was, especially in. These metals will this year be even more dominant than before. Wood must give way to metal or a combination thereof. Want a kitchen in neutral tones that this year should be at all, you can give more life to the kitchen with a metal hood and simultaneously follow another contemporary trend.

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Living in the kitchen

You have kitchens, living rooms and living kitchens. Last year we wrote already several articles about the integration of kitchens and living rooms – which creates something completely different than a kitchen. Whatever you want to call it: this year it all a step further. The kitchen and the living room even more melting into one space in which the main everyday life. By devices to hide and to integrate, the spaces are more closely related than ever. Go crazy and put a microwave in the bookcase.

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New traditions

Traditional kitchens and rural kitchens remain popular. Not that we expect that in the next five to ten years will become extinct. At the same time, there are developments. As more and more traditional kitchen styles are complemented by contemporary developments, ranging from home accessories to more prominent hoods, Cook Islands, fireplaces, etc.

This creates a new, contemporary, traditional cuisine. Old have so long not old-fashioned!

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Contrasting structures

Contrast in recent years was strongly influenced by colors – and less by motives. That is, if we are to believe designers, different now. Strong contrasting designs are exchanged for textures over textures. Sounds sketchy? Think just to a floor with a structure or texture, on which a carpet with a very different structure. You create that way actually a separate contrast within a space. Of course it is convenient to choose colors that match each other: that gives unity and also fits better with the current trend.

Sometimes it can all help by a single tile in a different way. In doing so, save your money and create a contemporary – and contrarian – look.

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Well-lit kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are indispensable, but that goes also for the lighting. Consumers choose is no longer only for ceiling lights and table lamps, but also for lighting under the kitchen cabinets. Even strips under the kitchen itself are possible.

The strips and lights today are energy efficient and better for your wallet. So you invest in a comfortable solution that your kitchen absolutely adds value!

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