Inspiring Ideas of Soaking Tubs for Simple Bathroom Designs

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Some ideas about simple bathroom designs are truly inspiring for your starting point to create such interesting bathroom, though it is just a simple space. Bathroom should provide the best comfort and convenience feeling for the owner. Some bathrooms are not only made for being a space for bathing or showering but also for providing all the positive atmosphere and cozy feeling while the owners need to relax and give a care to their body.  Isn’t it good to have a spa care in your own bathroom?

Therefore, adding soaking tub for simple bathroom designs is really recommended. Who said that soaking tubs or bath tubs are only for spacious and exclusive bathroom?  Here are some best ideas of soaking tubs for your simple bathroom.

Types of Space-Saving Soaking Tubs for Simple Bathroom Designs

  1. Small White Corner Soaking Tub

Small White Corner Soaking Tub

A small white corner soaking tub gives modern impression to the simple bathroom designs. It is a space-saving tub that will not take up a lot of space. Enjoy soaking in warm water with aromatherapy like what you can get in spa saloon. Since it is a corner tub, it allows you to place the other bathroom complements effectively. A tub in the corner with minimalist storage and toilet at the sides of it create simple yet nice setting. You can install glass door around the tub and shower curtain to make it more privacy and comfortable.

  1. Square Corner Japanese Soaking Tub

Square Corner Japanese Soaking Tub

Japanese-styled bathroom combine modern elements and traditional elements. The idea about square corner Japanese soaking tub that is designed with eliminated wood and wooden stages is really inspiring. The setting is just simple. You can construct a small glass walk in shower beside the corner tub and at another side place a toilet and minimalist wooden vanity.

  1. Long Narrow Built-in Tub

Long Narrow Built-in Tub

Built-in tub is another idea to make your simple bathroom more comfortable. This tub concept is commonly used for simple bathroom designs that need modern touch. Built-in tub can be easily combined with wall-mounted shelf and shower fixture. It gives your bathroom lots of charms that you can’t deny.

  1. Circular Freestanding Mini Tub

Circular Freestanding Mini Tub

There are various designs of freestanding mini tub. A circular one is one of the best options to install in the corner of your simple bathroom. It is really sophisticated and stylish. Coming in a variety of colors, this tub will be a perfect touch for your bathroom improvement. It can be as comfortable as the built-in bath tub as well. But, a thing you should consider is that a cast iron freestanding tub can be heavy. So, if you plan to use this tub, the floor must be reinforced.  However, you can have a lighter-weight freestanding tub like fiberglass which is much easier to install.

Soaking tubs for simple bathroom designs add value to the bathroom. Having a soak after exhausting day will help to give you a relief and more relaxed mind.  As long as you choose a proper type and design, no matter how simple your bathroom is, the existence of a bath will be a key to create the most comfortable bathroom.

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