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Bathroom Sink Lyrics from Miranda Lambert has sensational phenomenon when it appears for the first time. The Bathroom Sink Lyrics for the first time show her different side from her previous song lyrics. Miranda lambert is 31 years old singer that create her album of “Platinum” that connect with range of issues and self-doubt start from social pressures and definition of ideals beauty. in Bathroom Sink Lyrics, Miranda take the lyrics flow and speaks with grabbing the attention and kept the country rock edge that become her characteristic. For all women, this Bathroom Sink Lyrics become an inspiration for girl power and how to love yourself no matter what. Here are the quotes that you need to know why this song is powered and great.

Bathroom Sink Lyrics

First lyric is ;

“it’s amazing the amount of rejection that I see, in my reflection and I can’t get out of the way..”

This means for that “I” have been accept much rejection in her life and she cannot run from this rejection.

The second lyrics:

“glamour at its finest, just means someone’s hiding, from their own reality… and the mirror at their own bathroom sink  “

This means Miranda state for someone that go into bathroom sink has hiding their truth and make up as glamour as they can to cover them.

The third inspiring lyrics;

“it all get complicated, sometimes overrated.. “

This means when the conflicts appear, sometimes it gets overrated and worst.

The fourth lyrics ;

“ I’m looking forward to the girl I wanna be, but regret has away staring me right in the face…so I try to not waste too much time in bathroom sink “

This lyric means deeply as recently there are many girl that dream and got inspire for being others as their idol, their friend and many others that become their patronize. Girl has much time when they are in bathroom to make up and talk after get to toilet.  The lyric of “regret has away staring me right in the face” means that “I” see that it is not her when she try to become her patronize and feel regret to its.

Overall, the Bathroom Sink Lyrics from Miranda Lambert teach us that women need to be their selves without worrying become ideal beauty that has been dictated in social. The lipstick write in mirror sink in the music clip also add the statement for the lyric.

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