Inside Chimney Design and Others

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Knowing what inside chimney design is needed especially for people who want to install a chimney in their house. There are lots of styles and options of chimney designs out there that may confuse you to select the correct chimney size and layout. Chimney is an important part of the house; it can remove hot air and give fresh air inside the house. To make these functions work maximally, you need to know the basic principles of building a chimney.

Inside Chimney Design and Others

What Actually Inside Chimney Design and Chimney Types

  • Damper

Generally, every chimney needs a damper. Damper is a small door inside a chimney that can only be opened and closed by pulling its chain or lever. It has a function to save energy when the chimney is not used. It also is able to prevent animals, rain, snow, and any other things from outside entering your house.

  • Flue

Next, chimney consists of flue. Flue is the section inside a chimney carrying the gasses up of the chimney to be expelled outside. It is commonly made of clays, bricks, or other types of metals. You need to install an aluminum chimney liner to repair the flue if it suddenly gets broken. You only need a few basic tools for the installation process.

  • Chimney crown

There is also a chimney crown inside chimney design. It is actually to be put on the top of the chimney to help shed water away from the chimney structure entirely. To sum up, chimneys in general consist of a damper, flue, and crown. These three parts are essential when installing a chimney in the house. That’s why you also need to know how to fix those things if they are broken.

For your information, dampers are exposed to heat, ashes, and soot from the fire. If it’s broken, it won’t be able to work efficiently. So, you need to replace it with the new one. For flue, as explained previously, it can be fixed with an aluminum chimney (a stainless steel chimney liner) when it’s damaged. Besides, you can install a copper chimney cap for protecting the flue from damage. In addition, a stainless steel chimney chase cover can be installed to take function of the chimney crown. It can live longer than a cement chimney cover.

There are at least three types of chimney you also need to understand for proper maintenance and cleaning. This one is as important as knowing parts of chimney. The three main types are single-walled metal, masonry, and pre-fabricated metal. A single-walled metal type has the shape of a thin metal pipe that sticks up from the roof with a circular top. Meanwhile, a masonry type appears with a liner pre-installed to ensure proper venting. In addition, a pre-fabricated metal type is the one mostly used for commercial structures.

Whatever the types, just remember every chimney has three main important components as explained above. By knowing what inside chimney design, you won’t get overwhelmed when installing a chimney at home even it’s your first time doing this. inside chimney design interior ideas fireplace designs breast crooked kitchen exterior for of decor pictures.

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