Important Tips on How to Be an Interior Designer without A Degree

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Formal education in interior design costs very expensive. There are many people with passion in interior design never thought to hold degree for this field because the cost is out of their budget. However, there are some important steps on how to be an interior designer without a degree. Therefore, those with a great talent in this field still have big opportunities to build career as an interior designer. This profession is suitable for a person talented in furniture organization, decoration, sense in color scheme, and all about analyzing and conceptualizing situation related to functional and aesthetic aspect of a room. However, a kind of informal education such as seasonal training is important to support passion and talent as well as increase chance to compete with many other professional interior designer. Well, if becoming a professional interior designer has been your dream and you think that you are talented, it is time to wake up and make your dream comes true. Start making some plans and concept about things you should own or develop.

Important Tips on How to Be an Interior Designer without A Degree

These Basic Steps on How to Be an Interior Designer without a Degree

  • Measuring Skill and Knowledge

Measuring your skill is important to take the next step. Note both your strength and weakness. See how people react on your attainments. Accept all criticisms and opinion that develop your skill. When you work for others, the deeper knowledge about room planning and materials are required to build the trust because interior design is not only about materials and color arrangements. A person with this great profession should possess complete knowledge about design, integrity structure in a building as well as should master about special concept, psychology, ethic, ergonomic, and rule. How the client think to hire you depends on your insight and professionalism.

  • Self-Training

Truth is that everyone doesn’t need to hold a degree in interior design to be an interior designer. However, some trainings and certificates increase credibility. There are many courses offer short-term certificate program. Online program is also recommended for you to join in. All of those programs will be valuable “assets” to start a business in interior design. Learn all basic principles in this field from these beneficial programs. How to be an interior designer without a degree really depends on talent, skill, and willingness to develop skill and knowledge.

  • Develop Your Portfolio

Take picture of all your projects. Upload the pictures to all decoration blogs that increase opportunities to promote and show your work and attainments. Online promotion is very important. Take advantage of social media to “sell” your skill.

  • Find Suppliers

As a beginner in interior design, learning how to negotiate is important to get the best deal on materials. Extend your society and find low-budget sources. Don’t hesitate to search as much as possible companies that offer cheap materials from internet. You can even cooperate with company from abroad just by internet access.

  • Work In Interior Designer Firm

Being a beginner in interior design, it is not easy to attract client. While preparing for your own business as a new interior designer, apply for job in interior design firm. It is helpful to improve management skill as well as save money for a capital to start your own firm.

Some basic steps on how to be an interior designer without a degree above can be a starting point to build firm or business in interior design. The crucial principles for this profession are trusted skill, knowledge, and professionalism.

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