How To Renovate A Bathroom Step By Step

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When renovating a bathroom is a lot, there diving regularly unexpected problems and the cost is often higher than expected. In this article you’ll learn how to renovate a bathroom step by step so lets go and how much rebuilding work may cost.

A good start is half the battle!

To make the renovation smooth and enjoyable as possible, you can perform a lot of preparatory work. Create a schedule and evaluate what needs to be renewed and how much it will cost. This prevents unexpected costs, delays and annoyances are even started the work. With the following steps you will pack a bathroom renovation faster processes.

STEP 1: Make a floor plan and puzzle layout

Most bathroom furniture and plumbing fixtures have standard dimensions. Run to the store to measure everything is completely unnecessary. You just take a sheet of paper and draw the floor plan to scale 1/50. This is done by dividing all distances in centimeters by 50. In a normal A4 sheet is room for bathrooms up to 10 meters wide. Then you can create cards on the same level with all the elements you want to place. You then only need to puzzle until you are satisfied with the layout.

Standard sizes

  • Single sink
    80 to 90cm wide – 60cm deep (1.8 cm x 1,2cm scale 1/50)
  • Double sinks
    minimum width 130cm – 60cm deep (2,8cm x 1,2cm scale 1/50)
  • Column cabinet
    40cm wide, 60cm – 34cm deep (0.8cm x 0.7cm or 1.2cm x 0.7cm scale 1/50)
  • Lavatory
    90cm – 130cm deep with room for are included (1.8 x 2.6cm scale 1/50)
  • Square shower
    at least 80 x 80 cm up to 100x100cm (1.6 x 1.6cm or 2 x 2cm scale 1/50)
  • Rectangular bath / shower
    From 120cm to 200cm wide – 90cm to 110cm deep (1.6 x 1.6cm or 2 x 2cm scale 1/50)
  • Bath
    170 x 70cm (rather small) to 190cm x 90cm (very large) – (3.4 x 3.8 x 1.4cm or 1.8cm to scale 1/50)

STEP 2: First buy your materials, tile and plumbing fixtures

If you only have one bathroom, it is important that the renovation is well advanced. So try to buy as many materials to stock before breaking out of the bathroom. Sometimes you have a lot of shops skimming before you find the perfect piece of furniture. Usually you would also need a few weeks to wait for the delivery.

STEP 3: Check the ducts and pipes

Now the bathroom is broken, you can easily check whether the supply taps and plumbing still work properly. You see calcification or the taps go difficult times, then you better replace them immediately. So you will not have to face unexpected problems within a few years.

Bathroom renovation cost

The cost of a new bathroom depends on two main factors: the choice of materials and furniture, and if you renovating or later renovation. The following figures give a good indication of the cost. Keep an eye on! Installers often provide just the plumbing that you buy through them. This is to prevent subsequent discussions about quality and materials.

Bathroom tiles

Quality ceramic tiles start from €25 per square meter and can soon add up to €100. For a correct estimate you can count on an average of €60 per square meter. If you want to let the tiles come here again €50 per square meter.

Bathroom furniture

An average bathroom cabinet costs between €700 and €2,000. The price of the plant is about 20% of the purchase price. You can reduce the cost of renovating the furniture itself to break out.

The bath, (walk-in) shower and toilet renovation

The price of plumbing can vary considerably depending on the difficulty of the placement, materials and technology. For a basic bathroom you can count on a budget of €2,500. This amount can rise quickly to €7,500 or more.

Bathroom renovation cost

To place a completely new basic bathroom you can count on a budget of €10,000. When you want to use high-quality materials, new gadgets wants to place or boilers and pipes must be replaced, you have quick need for a budget of €25,000. Please note that you carefully budget and do the renovation yourself, you can go for €5,000 already put a new bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation: Artisans compare pays!

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