How to Organize Your Bathroom

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Among the rooms of the house, the bathroom is where hygiene comes first. So it must be organized so that it is easy to clean. often, however, the bathroom is also a place of relaxation, where, after a day’s work, take a long shower or rather a relaxing hot bath. In the following guide, we will give some advice on how to better organize bathroom, to make it both functional and welcoming.

Make sure you have on hand:

  • shelves
  • cabinets
  • hooks
  • essences, perfumes, candles
  • mirror
  • auctions
  • Paintings

The ideal bathroom should have, first of all, some cabinet with drawers or doors to contain all the objects that we want to have at hand, but at the same time, hidden from the eyes of our guests or other visitors. Obviously the choice of size depends on the size of the space and the style that we want to give to the environment. However, there are endless combinations and we will surely find one that fits the style we want.

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In the bathroom the mirror is the master, but, also in this case, the choice is entirely subjective. We can opt for a mobile mirror, so as to solve two problems in one. Or choose a mirror that only has this function, on the wall or embedded in the lining of the walls. In both cases the advice is to take it rather large, perhaps with spotlights that augment the illumination of the room. Next to the mirror will be useful to arrange the shelves on which to support, for example, creams, some makeup, razor or essences and scented candles. If we place, and we like the idea, we could even hang one or two auctions, where to put wet towels or mats. The will position perhaps strategically, above the radiators, so that the dry winter before.

In the bathroom it would be ideal to have a cabinet for storing medicines, or drawer equipped for this purpose, which also store tissues and diapers. As regards the dirty laundry, we can position a basket or, if we have little space, the bags hanging to divide the washing in clear or dark garments. If the bathroom includes a bathtub, we can go crazy decorating it with bottles of essences and candles. While if there is a shower we can hang on the wall containers where to put shampoo, shower gels, sponges, etc. The hooks are a great solution if you have little space, for example for the other robe or towels. LI will position maybe behind the door or on the door itself. On the back of the door we can also hang the fabric of pockets for other objects.

Finally, if we want to further customize our bathroom, we can also hang a few pictures or a tent of a particular fantasy, or even put plants and flowers that we particularly like. The chair/stool that can also be useful to lay out the clothes or to sit while we relax rub your favorite cream. Everything about your swimming kit, and towels, bathrobes or carpets, should preferably be matched in color, with what we have chosen for the upholstery and furniture of the bathroom.

As seen the ideas are many, we are spoiled for choice.

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