10 Ideas to Organize A Small Kitchen

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If we have a kitchen definitely small, don’t despair because you simply make it complete and functional, making some simple transformation of the furniture, and creating a series of rooms in the spaces available or in the walls thick enough. In that regard, here’s a list of 10 ideas to organize a small kitchen.

1. Just hang the hood and a wall cabinet

Two very functional and necessary furniture, are definitely the hood and a wall cabinet; in fact, both can return useful, by hanging them in a small kitchen. The hood for example in addition to its classic Interior form, outside can be equipped with at least two shelves, ideal for storing jars with coffee, sugar, salt and spices. The cabinet instead serves primarily to store flour, pasta, rice and many other foods are commonly used.

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2. Insert a dresser in the corner

A chest of drawers to fit into a dead corner of the kitchen, can be ideal to maximize space. Those with at least 6 drawers, you can exploit for cutlery, ladles, bottle openers and other small accessories in common use. In addition, if the height is sufficient, on the top you can enter a custom cabinet with two doors, to store other essential tools in the kitchen.

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3. Cover the fridge with a high cabinet

A fridge, especially if equipped with freezer compartment, can be modified to reclaim the space occupied by its bulk. Specifically, it is covered with wood, creating small compartments on the sides, and also a high cabinet on top with the doors.

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4. Cover the sink cabinet with a curtain

If you have a double sink and don’t mean to insert a wooden cabinet in order to gain space, then we can add a tent with a binary and rings, so as to make it smooth, and can cover the sink cabinet where we keep kitchen detergents, dishwashing and floor cleaning equipment.

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5. Place the stove on a mobile

If we need a mobile, but the only place available is what we dedicated to the stove at design time, then exploit it same as base and place the hob with burners or induction, thus exploiting the bottom to store pots and pans.

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6. Create the wall

An idea that may sound bizarre but instead is original and functional, concerns the creation of the wall. Specifically it is to imitate those we find in the hallways, which are lowered when you want to sit and get up the wall when not in use. In that case just add one right and the other on the left, in a small table for two.

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7. Use a mobile as table

If we have a piece of furniture that just can’t put in the kitchen too small, the solution there as well. In fact, if the reverse, and we reverse the hinges of the two doors, we get a large mobile and ideal for storing food and dishes. Obviously in a home improvement, we can buy 4 foot pretty robust, and use your mobile as a comfortable table for eating or preparing food.

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8. Create niche in the wall with doors

If the walls of the kitchen are thick enough, the ideal is to create niches in the wall of a rectangular shape, and revenue of internal compartments and doors outside. Thus, the spaces become veritable wall units.

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9. Turn the dish rack in a multi-purpose cabinet

The plate rack is usually a very wide and high, but not very large. If so, our kitchen is pretty small as squareness, then we better close the cabinet underneath with a wooden board, and then turn it into a multi-purpose cabinet. The plate rack instead we can rest on the sink, or buy that reclines which is used only when necessary.

10. Create dressers with pallets

Finally the idea to maximize space in a small kitchen, is that of upcycling. Among the many materials that lend themselves to this functional transformation, it is worth mentioning the pallets that properly finished and if necessary amended, you can create elegant and rustic dressers.

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