How to Demo a Bathroom on Your Own?

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Many people often ask: how to demo a bathroom on your own. Demo a bathroom or demolish a bathroom is basically the first step that you have to do when you plan a big renovation or remodeling for the bathroom. Changing the scenery of the bathroom is important, sometimes. Same old bathroom with the same old design for years can be boring, really boring. That is why sometimes homeowner do big and total renovation for the bathroom. That process starts by demolishing the bathroom. Demolishing a bathroom can be done by the workers. However, it adds more expense. If you want to demolish the bathroom on your own, below is more information about how to demo a bathroom on your own.

  1. Mind the Safety

The first thing that you have to do is minding the safety of yourself when doing the demo. You need to know that knocking down a bathroom is hard and loud. First of all, you need to prepare all the equipments well. If you want to use wrecking ball, make sure you contact the right provider to do that. If you want to use big hammer, make sure that you also prepare the gloves, eye protector, and helmet. The next step is to mind the safety of people in the house. Knocking down bathroom will produce tons of dust and loud banging noises everywhere. If you have infant and toddler in the house, this can make them uncomfortable and thus you need to get them out of the house first. If you have small children, teenagers, or other adults, make sure that they wear masker and earplug during the demo process.

  1. Get the Furniture Out

You need to empty the bathroom of course before the demo. If you want to keep the furniture, get them out. If you want them to get demolished as well, let them stay in it. However, even in a big and total renovation, the sink, tub, and so on do not get demolished. They can be traded with the new ones or get sold. That is why you need to mind this matter carefully.

  1. Start from the Wall

The process should start with the wall. Then, you can move to the floor and then the rest. Perform the demo carefully yet effectively so that the dust and the wreck from the bathroom is not going to be there for long time. If you find the whole process overwhelming, you should do the process with the help of the constructor workers rather than constantly asking yourself how to demo a bathroom.

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