How to Decorate with Pictures: Ideas in Modern Style, Minimal, Pop and Vintage

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Capable of giving an intellectual, elegant and refined touch to any type of environment, the paintings represent the stationery par excellence and, through this post, you will discover how to decorate with pictures inspired by different styles of furniture ranging from modern to vintage, via the pop and minimal.

We have made a selection of images times just to highlight the perfect choice and placement, in living rooms, bedrooms or offices, by well-defined character paintings. In particular we will show you how to decorate with pictures in different styles:

  • modern
  • minimal
  • pop
  • vintage
  • nature

Multiple dimensions, special combinations and innovative locations allow you to arrange the furniture flawlessly using just the paintings as a central element of the various decorations.

Furnish with modern paintings

We begin to discover how to furnish a room by installing modern paintings that illustration only, can be abstract or even photographic inspiration. Usually these are paintings by the impressive dimensions to be placed on a wall that will place them in the foreground without the presence of additional furnishing accessories.

Among the latest exhibition trends is particularly appreciated the choice of not hanging pictures on the wall but to simply lay them on it based on the floor or a shelf appropriately placed.

Furnish with paintings

As you’ve definitely got to see through our post dedicated to homes minimal design, this particular style of furniture is made of wood and is substantially deprives of tinsel and bulky embellishments. However the inclusion of a picture within these environments can represent that touch of uniqueness, that hint of dynamism, able to break the monotony, but, of course, the choice of paintings should be careful and weighted.

The minimalist paintings are characterized by simple lines and attention to detail, colors will vary from white to black or staying within these particular nuances, are in fact discouraged bright colors or eccentric. These beautiful paintings will go to blend in with the environment giving a touch of balanced character that should never be excessive.

Furnish with paintings pop

Timeless style and timeless, full of dynamism and featuring bright shades ready to erupt in the wildest fantasy: we are of course talking about the pop art and, here in particular, we wanted to show you how to put pop paintings in rooms with different characteristics.

Furnish with paintings pop means donating to your home or to your Office a breath of freshness and insouciance able to break sharply what could be the monotony of the collection.

Decorating with vintage paintings

Lovers of vintage furniture will certainly help but choose carefully the paintings will decorate its walls and, ranging from 50 to 90 years current which seem to lead to the street art, here are some really beautiful pictures and loads of personality. You can choose to install different frames or for exposing a single work is able to capture the attention of the look.

Designing with nature paintings

how to decorate office room with pictures how to decorate room with pictures

Here we are closing in intent to show you a real classic of art namely paintings inspired by the beauty of nature. In this case we have chosen to show you different options of furniture with paintings in nature ranging from classic to modern style offering reproductions really unique in their kind.

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