Top 10 House Paint Colors 2017

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The view from the outside of a house you can see the first appearance, and is often a lasting impression. Many factors must be considered when choosing paint colors at home, especially outside of house paint colors.

None of these factors should be considered in isolation, but with the help of expert advisors paint color, more aesthetically pleasing quality solution to significantly enhance the appearance and value of a home.

Type of exterior paint

It is suggested that homeowners buy better quality exterior paint House they can afford. Walls and ceilings for all seasons and the temperature conditions, and the best quality, the longer it will last and stay looking fresh. Dark exterior colors are more susceptible to fading of colors. A high quality exterior paint also provides protection for the building. Different soft texture paint comes in a variety of colors.

Style building

Not all exterior paint colors on the market are more suitable for all architectural styles. The right choice of colors to highlight the architecture and characteristics, while the opposite is true with the false choice. Features like the stone and stone lining also affects the choice of exterior colors and combinations. Dark colors make a room seem smaller and lighter colors home to increase the size of the body.

Around the gardens, landscapes and types of plants can also influence the effect of the paint color of the house. Exterior colors should be in the condition in which they are usually to be seen, light colors reflect sunlight and are brighter.


In many cases, the ceiling an important feature of the exterior view of a house. Existing roof color must be considered in the choice of the exterior, the color of the existing ceiling is maintained. Instead, the painting on the wall of the House cannot be ignored if the ceiling has been painted as correct a colour bad choice of roof will incur higher costs.

House painting colors

It encourages other halfway houses, and get ideas on what colors to your liking. Consider the current color of the House in the suburbs, and if you want to edit or paint. Even after substantial surface preparation for painting, a layer of primer may be needed, especially if a lighter color of paint to use in a dark color.

If the desired appearance in a cool shade, warm or neutral? Painting contractors and suppliers typically provide potential customers with small examples of color cards are very comfortable. But to have the best idea for a paint color appearance, buy a small quantity of some paint colors you like, apply a large area, and then view the painting colors called natural light. House paint colors often look different when applied to a larger the actual color of a small selection of cards can be illustrated area.

Keep the colors of other elements and fitness in mind. Garage doors, windows, doors, gutters, fascia and colors to complement or contrast with colors, house paint and roof. The component inspector of waterproofing wall mount and before the start of the preparation and use of paint ceiling can be very beneficial in the long run.

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