Homemade bathroom vanities ideas that will stun you

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Check this several homemade bathroom vanities that will make your ordinary bathroom look so stunning and awesome. If you are person with high skilled Diy or you want to reuse your old furniture, then this can be your great ideas to put. Your homemade bathroom vanities mean that you are able to get unique bathroom vanities that different from others. You also can get your custom personal styles into your bathroom vanities.

Homemade bathroom vanities tools project

Before you start your homemade bathroom vanities, then there are several tools that you might require to help you create your own bathroom vanities. Of course, you will need a new bathroom sink, faucet, paint, glue, saw, and other tools to help you to make your bathroom vanities. But the key for your homemade bathroom vanities is the old furniture that you will convert to bathroom vanities. The old furniture that you can choose for your bathroom vanities can varies, start from old cabinet, old dining table, even into your bicycle such as this example of ideas below. If you do not have any idea or old furniture for you to corporate, then you can buy from old antique or home sale.

Homemade bathroom vanities ideas

The first idea is come from your old long media cabinet that also functional for counter space storage system.  The glass door system makes you able to see the stuff that you storage there and also give you stunning look. Next idea is incorporate your wooden cabinet into bathroom vanity by using bowl vanity sink and fountain faucet. It look vintage as you add the old dark finish cabinet with the clean ceramic vanity sink and top. The next idea is create vintage shabby chic bathroom feeling with this stunning bicycle. Your old bicycle can be seen antique things in your bathroom when you change it as your bathroom vanity. With square vanity, silver faucet and wooden mirror, it looks match with chess flooring and white wall. The basket use for towel storage and the wall mount sconces makes your bathroom sense like as in park, isn’t it?

Homemade bathroom vanities ideas that will stun you 2 Homemade bathroom vanities ideas that will stun you

When you make your bathroom vanities, the hardest part might be your plumbing. It is a good idea for hire the contractor of plumbing and electricity that will help you to install the lighting and plumbing system. By hire the professional, you can avoid from any unrequired leaked plumbing or lighting installation that goes wrong in Homemade bathroom vanities of Diy project.

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