Home Simple Bookshelf Designs for Minimalist Room Decor

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For some people, books are valuable things. If you are one of book lovers, some bookshelves are needed in several areas since you must have a plenty of books. When you realize there are a lot of books at home, home simple bookshelf designs must be needed because book collection should be well organized in the proper places. Well, simple bookshelf is a solution. It can display books anywhere even becomes a kind of room decoration.

Living room can be an alternative area to place books because one of its functions is as an entertaining room. Reading books there can be a good entertaining activity. This is why living room is suitable to be a place for book collection. However, it is impossible to just put them down in living room. Good furnishings are needed to organize them. A plenty of bookshelf designs come with lots of charms from the unique type to the simplest one. Get inspirations from five home simple bookshelf designs for minimalist room as follow.

Inspirations for Home Simple Bookshelf Designs

  1. Ladder Bookshelf

Inspirations for Ladder Bookshelf Designs

Bookshelf can be made from used or old good like ladder. If there is an old or used ladder in the storage, don’t eliminate it. It can be turned into a unique bookshelf. Add some wooden boards for shelves. Put and display your books on wooden boards. Combine those books with some decorations, such as statues or photo frames. Place the ladder bookshelf at corner. It can be a unique focal point.

  1. Wall Mounted Bookshelves

Inspirations for Wall Mounted Bookshelves Designs

These bookshelves are often desired, especially for small areas. They are also easy to make. The main materials are recycled wooden boards. To make beautiful wall mounted bookshelves, wrap wooden boards with wallpaper scraps. Then just arrange wrapped boards on the wall.

  1. Wine Crate Wall Bookshelves

Wine Crate Wall Bookshelves

Some people may throw away the old wine crates. Actually, these used crates can be recycled into awesome bookshelves for living room or other spaces. Decorate the boxes before hanging them on the wall. The decorations can be cloth or wallpaper. Otherwise, paint them if you have more time to do such creative things.

  1. Arranged Box Shelves

Arranged Box Shelves

Maybe, none can imagine that some old shoes or bag boxes can be arranged to create fantastic standing bookshelf. Collect all the boxes you have; it would be better if the boxes have the same sizes. But, if they vary, it is not a big deal. Arrange them vertically and horizontally. The number of line and row depends on your need. Connect each edge with binder clips. Voila! They magically turn into simple yet unique bookshelf. You can organize books and placing some decorations or lamps on the box surface.

  1. Storage Bench

Storage Bench

Pine wood, metal crates and casters are the main materials to make this versatile bookshelf. The pine woods are installed at the bottom and on metal crates. Then, install the casters on the bottom pine woods. You can sit on it and organize books in metal crates at the same time.

Home simple bookshelf designs above can be inspiring when you are planning DIY project for housing the books. Those simple yet unique bookshelves are quite expensive if you buy them in furniture stores.

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