Home Painting Materials and Tools You Need to Know for DIY Project

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Knowing and understanding each function of home painting materials and tools is important. Home painting is needed when you start finding the ceiling or wall painting feeling and cracking. It is really uncomfortable.  But, sometimes, some people think about the cost needed to repaint their home. High-quality paint is of course expensive. The cheaper paint usually has a lower quality. You may get bad results such as peel and bubbling easily. Another thing that needs expense is a house painter. Of course, it increases the expense. To reduce cost, you can handle it by yourself. So, just DIY your home painting and save your dollars to pay a house painter.

Home Painting Materials

Essential Home Painting Materials and Tools

Before starting the fun part, it is really important to prepare the materials. Don’t forget to prep the walls as well such as cleaning, patching holes, and sanding. These steps should be done to achieve the best result. Now, here are the home painting materials needed:

  1. Water Solution and Mild Soap

Water solution and mild soap are needed to clean the grease, excessive dust or dirt off the walls or ceiling before painting.

  1. Primer

It is an undercoat or base applied before color. Prime can be used if you are going to paint over an existing color. It makes the new color goes on evenly. It contains binding properties that lets paint patch more evenly, so you will get more polished result.

  1. Interior Paint

After applying primer, it is time to paint. There are a variety of paint types. Each type is used for different purposes.

  1. Eggshell and Satin Paints

These types are suitable for areas with higher traffic such as bedrooms and living rooms. They are easy to clean. Another plus point is they offer desirable light-reflective effect for most rooms.

  1. High-gloss and Semi-gloss Paints

These paints are not recommended for ceiling and wall surfaces. They work best for banisters, trim, windowsills, or other smaller surfaces.

After knowing each material and its function, let’s go on the tools needed. To make a professional home painting, there are common tools that you usually need. First is fine grit sand paper. When you find rough part or bumps on the wall or ceiling surface, this tool can be used to smooth down these parts. If the areas are just normal, it is not necessary. Second, you need flat paint brush. This tool is used to paint the border or edge around the taped-off part. The size commonly used is 3 inches. Next is angled paint brush. Use this tool for painting the corners. It helps you to get clean and edges without being splashed by paint. It works better than a regular flat brush for corners.

You also need paint tray. It is used to hold smaller portions of paint. It is also useful to avoid pain contamination when you dip brushes directly into the paint cans. With this tray, you don’t need to dip the brush into the paint can. And the last is roller that’s used to paint a larger surface or a room with higher ceiling. Using a roller is much faster than using a brush. When you are familiar with all the home painting materials and tools, it is no longer difficult to paint the whole areas of house by yourself.

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