His and Her Bathroom Ideas to Apply

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When you have to share bedroom with the loved one, having the so-called his and her bathroom ideas may seem perfect. After all, everyone needs their own personal space, including the one in the bathroom. Imagine this situation: it is a busy morning and you have busy schedule ahead. You are trying to brush your teeth while your spouse is trying to shave off his beard, for instance. Or you want to enjoy the warm tub bath while your spouse is still using the tub herself. It is a complicated, and frankly rather annoying, situation, don’t you think so? That’s why having a separate section or space will be the best option that you can make.

Some of the Creative His and Her Bathroom Ideas

There are some creative ideas when it comes to designing the bathroom at home. Although you probably have the other bathrooms at home for the kids, you still need your own bathroom, right? So, how do you manage the separate sections for the bathroom?

  1. The Separate Sink

His and Her Bathroom Ideas The Separate Sink

In most cases, there will be two different sinks in the bathroom; one for her and one for him. The design can be applied for either the sink alone or the sink with cabinets. There are so many different layouts for this his and her bathroom ideas plan. If you choose the independent sink, there will be two different sinks; either designed side by side or on the opposite sides. When it comes with a cabinet and countertop, it can come with a rather long sink (with the countertop) that’s divided into two. You can use one side while your spouse on the other side. It is also possible to have two different cabinets with two different sinks. Sometimes, they look uniform and similar, but there are also distinctions. Feel free to have different color schemes or even different theme to show whose side belongs to whom.

  1. The Different Tub

His and Her Bathroom The Different Tub

In most cases, the different sinks and countertops are the most common examples to differentiate the sections. However, it is also possible to have different tub as well. Mind you, though, that this scheme is possible when you have enough space to install the two different tubs. If you are looking for the tub with wall installation, one tub can be placed on one side while the other can be installed on another side. Well, if you choose the independent tub (meaning that it doesn’t require direct installation next to a wall), you are always be able to place them on the center of room with side by side arrangement.

Of course, managing this theme requires extra efforts and time. If you have smaller room, it takes smarter and more creative effort to manage everything, but it isn’t something impossible. Consider yourself lucky if you have bigger room. The more customized each section is, the more expensive it will be. Keeping it simple and quite basic will keep the funds low. Planning his and her bathroom ideas isn’t as difficult as you think if you know how.

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