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Granite’s natural beauty and strength makes it the number one choice for countertops in upscale homes. It is a symbol of wealth and style to have granite countertops in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Only well-off individuals can afford first class quality granite. It is one of the most expensive stones used in the building industry. The price per square foot of granite may cost from $60 to $200 depending on the grade or quality of the stone. This may not include the cost of granite installation. But this is price well spent because the service life of a granite countertops will outlast any countertop made of less expensive material.

Why Granite Is Expensive?
Some of the things that make granite very expensive are its beauty, quality and durability. Granite stone have a wide variety of colors and vein patterns. Colors of granite may range from the lighter shades like white, beige, gold and yellow. Darker shades include green, red, burgundy, blue, brown and black. In between these two shades are different types of color hues. Another element that makes granite expensive is its vein patterns or what others call vein movement. Granite’s wide variety of vein movements is the most fascinating of all hard stones. There are many differences in marble effects and flecking. This is largely due to the different places where the granite slabs are quarried.

Another reason why granite is expensive is the way it is processed. Granite is typically dug up from mines and quarries. Huge blocks of granite are then sliced up into smaller pieces called slabs. Then they are brought to stone manufacturers where they are processed, mainly by polishing one side of the slab’s surface. Since granite is a very hard stone, you need special tools and machinery to cut and shape it. Larger pieces of slabs are the ones used for kitchen countertops, walls and floors. The smaller ones are sold as tiles for less demanding applications.

These are the main reasons why granite is very expensive. It is a hard stone found very deep in the earth where there is extreme heat and pressure. These physical factors make granite very beautiful and very strong and hard enabling it to resist heat, stains, scratches and dents. That’s why it is possible for you to enjoy the services of your granite countertops for as long as you want.

Choosing the Right Granite Countertop
In building your granite countertop, you need to consider the factors that will affect its beauty and adaptability in your home. Most home designers recommend that the color, vein patterns and the granite edges must conform to the overall design, color and décor of your home. In this way, your granite countertops will enhance and not be in conflict with the existing design of your home. In other words, you must match your granite preference and its edge finishing to the existing style of your home or it will appear out of place.

If your house is traditionally designed, the color of your countertop should be more on the lighter shades with less vein patterns. This is in keeping with the image of a stable and steady impression of a traditional home. Straight or eased off granite edges will also be ideal because it conveys simplicity and orderliness. But if your house has a modern design, you can choose from among the darker granite shades with more vein movements. This will match the flexible image of a modern home. You can also choose any of the fancy and intricate ogee granite edges. These edges are well suited to modern and avant-garde homes. If you want to be sure about this, you can ask the advice of your stone supplier. They are always willing to be of help to clients like you.

Countertop Supports
Granite countertops are usually heavy especially those that have a large surface area. Normally, these countertops are supported by a cabinet or a platform base. They will be in need of countertop supports if there is a considerable countertop overhang. The overhang usually runs to about 10 to 12 inches long. Home designers recommend the use of countertop brackets to avoid damaging the countertop overhang.

There are different types of countertop brackets available in the market. What you will need depends on how long the overhang is and the supporting platform of your countertop. These brackets are usually made of steel but some are made of wood which are appropriate for wood countertops. The most common countertop bracket is the Standard Countertop Bracket. This type has about 16 variations in design ranging from the very simple to the most artistic type. Costs will vary depending on the size and design.

Other designs include the Floating Countertop Support which has 8 different design variations and the Hidden Countertop Supports which has 3 design variations. Your choice will be influenced by your preference plus their conformability to the existing design of your countertop. There are even countertop brackets which are artistically designed and are classified as fine hardware. As always, all these fixtures must conform to the overall décor of your home.

Different countertop designs will require different countertop brackets but the overall consideration of weight support must always prevail. You must always keep this in mind in choosing the right countertop support. Another thing you need to consider is the leg room under your countertop. The countertop support must not limit this space underneath your countertop or you will have difficulty whenever you are using your countertop.

It is indeed satisfying to have a beautiful granite countertop in your home. If you will just keep the above information in mind, you will be able to build the right countertop that will be most suited to your existing home. Much more than its wealthy image, the service that this countertop can give you everyday will be more valuable than its original costs. If you take good care of it, which is really very easy to do, you will be able to enjoy its use as long as you want to.

Once you have bought your countertop you will need to make sure that it’s installed properly. See How to Successfully Install a Granite Countertop for further info on this important step.

And once you have your countertop installed, you’re going to need to keep it looking like new. We have some great tips at How To Keep Your Granite Countertop Looking Like New.

Granite Table Tops – the ideal way to bring some style to your home.

If you’d like a new granite countertop but it’s too expensive for your budget, then why not consider building one using granite remnants – a stylish and affordable alternative. Another option to consider if money is tight, is prefab granite – this looks great and will save you some cash. A third option is to choose granite tiles, which are both beautiful and affordable.

Finally, is granite safe to use in the home? Check out this informative article to find out about radon gas and granite countertops.

Wide view of a black and white kitchen with white cabinets, dark countertops, clean design, see through cabinet doors, and kitchen island.

Top view of a kitchen area with a kitchen island with a range and cooking area, wood cabinets, and view of backyard.

This designer-style kitchen features pro-style appliances, a center island, granite countertops, a marble backsplash and hanging Old-World style pendants.

Wide view of a newly remodeled kitchen with dark countertops, large kitchen island, dark wood floor, and cream colored kitchen cabinets.

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