How To Choose A Great Color For Your Granite Countertops Colors

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Granite countertops colors are indeed a good investment for a homeowner because they don’t just add beauty but also add value to the home. In this regard, choosing a great color for your granite countertops is really a very important decision to make. You need to really consider a lot of factors to ensure that the color of the granite will add to and not diminish the beauty of your home.

There is a considerable variety of granite countertops colors available in the market today and choosing the right one can be downright daunting. But if you just think about the basic elements that needed to be considered, you will see that choosing the right color is not that difficult after all. Your choice of color will not be based on guess work but on an informed decision. If you keep these basic factors in mind, you will surely come up with a great color for your granite countertop.

Blend With Overall Decor / Color
Most interior home designers harmonize the interior decor and color of the house. The same thing goes with the color of your countertop. This then becomes the primary consideration in determining whether the colour of your countertop is great or not. If the color does not blend with the overall color decor, your countertop may stick out like a sore thumb even if it is made of expensive granite. This should be followed whether you are building a new countertop or remodeling an old one.

Intensity of the Color
Once you have selected the color, the next step is to choose the color’s intensity. Here, your preference will be a major influence but you also need to consider the image that you want your countertop to project. Intensity of the color conveys a sense of solidness or stability – the darker the shade, the more intense or solid the image is, and vice versa. Generally, if your kitchen is of the traditional design, darker shades of granite will be suitable. For modern kitchen types, granite slabs with lighter shades will be most appropriate.

Granite slabs are available in a wide array of colors, from white to black. Lighter shades range from white, beige and yellow. In between these basic colors are different shades of white, beige, yellow and gold. Darker shades, on the other hand consist of blue, red, green burgundy, black and brown. There are also varying hues of these dark shades

Vein Patterns
This is another subtle factor that you need to consider. Granite slabs have different vein patterns aside from their varying colors. There are differences in marbling effects and flecking in granite simply because of their places of origin. The more vein patterns and flecking, the more movement is projected, and vice versa. If you prefer a more solid image for your countertop, you need to choose granite slabs with less vein patterns and flecking. This type of granite slabs will be more suitable for standard and conventional houses or kitchens. Likewise, if you prefer a more flexible image, then choose the slabs with varying vein movements and more flecks. These differing types of movements will fit well in kitchens and houses that have avantgarde and modern designs.

Other Considerations
Different colors convey different images therefore you also need to consider this factor. For instance, if you want to add elegance into your bathroom, black and gold granite combined with fine polished gold and silver fixtures will easily project that image. Brown and beige, on the other hand will easily complement any traditional and conventional home. If you want to project versatility, then green granite will give your more beautiful variances in color.

As a final consideration, you need to be sure that the color of your chosen granite slab will really blend with the overall decor of your kitchen or bathroom. You can do this by taking a color sampling of your existing cabinetry and flooring with you and see how they actually harmonize with the granite colors in the store where you will buy them. Another way is to take color photos of the stone slabs at the store and compare them with the color decor of your house.

There is already a growing trend to go green by using natural and eco-friendly materials in the building and construction industry. By choosing granite slabs for your countertops, you can proudly say that your house is truly in step with our eco conscious times. All the above considerations are really very simple, but it can already give you a head start on your way to choosing a great color for your granite countertop.

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