Gothic Paint Colors as Unusual Tones to Create Stylish and Unique Effect

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What comes to mind when you hear about gothic paint colors? Is it the gloomy dark and black room or the dull and dark gray? Do you know that you are always able to use such a color for your personal home décor? It doesn’t have to relate to the gothic Victorian style as you are free to use the gothic hues to achieve even modern and sophisticated outcome. However, what kinds of colors can be included in the style, and how should you decorate the house in this color scheme wheels?

Gothic Paint Colors as Unusual Tones to Create Stylish and Unique Effect

Choosing the Right Design and Hues for Gothic Paint Colors

Keep in mind that dark colors can make the room smaller, even dull and gloomy when it is not managed properly. However, when you are able to focus on the strength, darker hues can actually create an elegant outcome. You just have to know which kind of hue works best for your house.

  • Black

As you may have predicted, black is one of the top gothic paint colors. It is one of the basic colors and yet the darker hue makes it perfect for the gothic scheme. But, wait, isn’t black going to make your house look gloomy? Again, it requires careful planning. Of course, you can’t really paint all the walls black and expect a cheerful outcome. Plan smartly and you will see the condition improves. For instance, feel free to paint one of the walls in the living room in black and then pair it up with either purple or red items. A purple wall mirror or a painting with bright red frame will deliver a shocking contrast to the wall. For the kitchen, you can implement the black and white kitchen theme, where the wall, floor, and ceiling are white while the cabinets and countertops are all black. This scheme will create a gothic effect without making the room look dull or even gloomy. On the other hand, it will create a super stylish and fashionable effect.

  • Gray

Gray is actually an elegant color but since it is rather mute; it is not too bright and bold or too light and cheerful, it creates a mute effect. You are actually able to combine gray with black. Well, choose light gray if you think that it is too dark. For instance, in a black and white living room theme, having a dark gray coffee table with light gray curtain will deliver somewhat soothing and elegant effect. It is simple and yet highly effective.

  • Purple

Dark purple is always best combined with black and you will have this gothic effect in a snap. Purple is somewhat royal and elegant; it is unique in its own way. Let’s say that you want to have a gothic home office. In the black and white theme, paint one wall in purple. It will create a unique focal point and an instant feel of gothic sense. Feel free to add another purple accessories or accents but even if you don’t, it would be enough.

Deep blood red is another hue that can be combined well with black and purple. In fact, if you can combine black, purple, and red, it will instantly create a gothic feel. Different shades of red will do well too. Feel free to combine the red with gold and black, and these gothic paint colors will definitely spark up your home.

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