How to Get Into Interior Decorating for Beginner with the Popper Steps

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Interior decorating may not new field in home design and decoration. Professional development for this kind of job is available that you will get legal acknowledgement when entering this field. So, how to get into interior decorating for beginner? Keep in mind that decorating is different to designing. Interior design emphasizes human interaction and behavior to interpret and apply on space and room. On contrary, decoration is furnishing which means arranging furniture to fit purpose and objective of such room. The answer for this question will be listed at below section.

How to Get Into Interior Decorating for Beginner with the Popper Steps

Important Things to Know on How to Get into Interior Decorating

  1. Skill and knowledge

Skill and knowledge about Interior Decorating

What kind of skill to apply for interior decorating? You need to know the extensive knowledge about room, furniture, material, color, and functionality. Those things are basic knowledge to understand, but interior decorating is dynamic field. Therefore, many development and perspective are exposed. In general, anyone can apply the job for this field. Unfortunately, it is not easy for beginners because skill is the most important thing to conquer. You do not need to be at drawing expert. Skill at computer, especially designer related software, is necessary and you should know how to communicate in picture.

  1. Passion

Passion about interior decorating

Design is not science with exact answer and that thing also implies for decorating. Understanding space, furniture, and decoration requires constant passion. This is the part when many beginners cannot afford to take further steps. They may have high spirit at beginning, but it takes a lot of time to build stable career at interior decoration. Everlasting is the core of answer when you ask about how to get into interior decorating. If you want to survive, keep spirit and passion at high priority. Passion also drives people to develop more skills and obtain much knowledge.

  1. License

License degree at interior design and decoration

Few schools establish program with degree at interior design and decoration. Is the degree necessary on this field? Basically, learning at school has more advantages than self-teaching. Moreover, the schools have facilities, curriculum, books, library, professional lecturers, and laboratory. School for interior design and decoration is new thing in this era to fulfill the demand for skillful workers. However, professional designer requires license to justify their skill. Which one is better? If you have strong passion, school is the right starting point. Self-study is also good to expand potential skill. The most important thing is license from professional agencies as legitimate letter to be interior designer and decorator.

  1. Portfolio

Portfolio project interior decorating

Skill is impressive and knowledge is extensive. You need portfolio as evidence for them. This is crucial moment for beginners. It is very difficult to get first job without much sacrifice on money and time. You can join online communities to take bidding for the job. Collect every task, project, and job that has been done. They will be more useful than license because company or employer will consider those things importantly.

Four points above are essential to answer how to get into interior decorating. You need constant passion and commitment to polish your skill and knowledge. Start to collect portfolio as soon as possible. Therefore, you can start career as professional on interior decorating.

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