How to Play Escape The Bathroom Unblocked Game

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Playing Escape The Bathroom Unblocked is addictive. This game has created by Shawn Tanner. The game is start with filthy bathroom and look for toilet. This guide will help you to out from bathroom a live. Remember, the game need your accuracy and it is unsafe to do in real. Still it is a game that you only play it.

Escape The Bathroom Unblocked

First, take plunger. Zoom in into toilet seat and then you will see a plunger. Split the plunger into two, with plunger head and the stick. And then open the cabinet below with sink. Take the baking soda and remove the baking soda label. After that, zoom up into toilet above. Uses stick for loose the panel and you are able to take hairdryer. Next step is zoom in to the mirror and then use stick for break the mirror further. Take the mirror shard and move to the left bathroom door with red laser beams. Lift the loose panel that you see on it. Take wrench and after that go back into toilet and turn on the water use the wrench you get before. Move to the top of toilet and then zoom it. Insert the plunger head that you have before. Next step, flush the water to toilet and then there is a key that will go down under. To take the key zoom the toilet seat. Next, zoom to the mirror after you get the key and then use the key for unlock the cabinet.

In cabinet, there are several bathroom equipment. Take tooth brush, dental floss, pill bottle, and razor. There is note in pill bottle and read it. Go to wall scribbling and zoom into the scribbling. Add the mirror piece and cleared the grey matter by using razor you have put before. Then, you will read the code below with code: 45801. Now, zoom into sink and ensure the plug is in. Add hot water and add baking soda. Dip the toothbrush into the mix. Go to left and find battery, use toothbrush that have been dipped into mix and use for clean the terminals in battery. Take hairdryer and use for dry the terminals. Attach wires and go to keypad. Enter the code you get before and click enter as it will open the cover. Use wrench and turn on bathtub for water on. Zoom the bathtub and fill with water,  drop hairdryer into water to create electric outage and go to bathroom door where laser begin and open the door for you to escape from bathroom alive.

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