Enhancing Exterior Design with Home Garden Benches

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Garden is not only designed to make home interior looks more attractive. Garden is also a place where the homeowner can sit on the home garden benches after a tiring day. Gardening is relaxing activity to make the garden serves its purpose as outdoor decoration and relaxing space. Every item decorating the home garden should be chosen selectively in order to make sure the garden gives relaxing ambiance. Bushes, trees, flowers, and even the grass are the main component of beautiful garden. However, garden also needs further decoration such as pebbles, stones, and benches. Those components can be arranged according to the preference of homeowner in creating aesthetic home exterior.

Home Garden Benches

Home Garden Benches as Decorative Addition

  • Consider the materials

When it comes to benches for garden decoration, several things need to be considered carefully. The first consideration is the material used for it. If the main priority for the benches is the durability against harsh weather, metal material is the first option. Concrete is the alternative material for metal. Both of those materials are able to stand well during cold winter and hot summer. However, if the main concern is about the visual impression, wooden benches are the best option for home garden. The material used for wood benches is mostly pine or cedar. Other than the benefits against the weather and termite, they have distinctive grainy texture as well.

  • The position

The position of home garden benches is also an important consideration. If the benches are used to facilitate homeowners who want to relax and enjoying their garden, it is advisable to place it slightly off center. Placing the benches close to the edge will ensure that it has maximum viewing angle over the garden. Second alternative of garden benches placement is surrounding vocal point of the garden. Some homeowners often place the benches around fireplace. It gives easy access to the fire during outdoor barbeque party.

  • The distance

Having garden benches alone is not enough to make the garden looks visually appealing. The distance between the benches and other garden decoration becomes the next priority. The benches placed on the garden often placed in considerable distance from any vegetation. Bushes and flowers are placed in a place where it can be viewed without disturbing the comfort of people sitting on the benches. Placing trees behind the benches is also a good idea. This tree placement will provide shades for the benches. It reduces the damage caused by direct sunlight exposure. At the same time, it will also make its occupants feel more convenience.

The market already provides us with a number of benches design. The design of those benches is also need to be considered as well. Since every garden has its own theme, it is advisable to choose home garden benches according to the garden theme. In some case, the benches have the exactly opposite design to the garden theme. It is intended to make the benches more standout. For instance, garden with natural theme that often uses wooden benches can use metal benches instead. This standout impression will direct people attention to sit on the benches in order to enjoy the beauty of the garden.

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