Drought Tolerant Landscape Design Plans, Why Is It Crucial?

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If you live in the area where the water is pretty scarce, you may want to develop your own drought tolerant landscape design plans. When you have a house, it is pretty normal to develop your own landscape plan; your favorite plants and flowers included. Even those who live in apartments still manage to come up with a plan where they can keep some of their favorite greeneries and flowers, even in a potted manner. Therefore, when your area isn’t exactly abundant in water, you need to be smart about it. Coming up with the right plan will be the best way to deal with the drought.

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Understanding the Condition of Drought Tolerant Landscape Design Plans

First of all, you need to differentiate drought resistant with drought tolerant because they are often used interchangeably. Drought tolerant means that the plants and flowers are still able to grow with as minimal water as possible, minimal rainfall is also included. Drought resistant, on the other hand, is another level from drought tolerant. It is a condition where the plants and flowers are able to grow and survive without water in a longer period of time. Examples of drought resistant plants are cactus or Jatropha, a type of veined succulent with the characteristics of dainty flowers and big green leaves. Just like the cactus storing the water on their stem structure, the Jatropha keeps the water on their trunk’s base. When they have stored enough water, they can survive even without water for a long time.

Well, if you want to survive the arid condition, developing the drought tolerant landscape design plans is definitely crucial. You don’t want to have your favorite plants and flowers only to find out that they die within the next two weeks, do you? So, what kind of things you should include in your planning?

  1. Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

You probably have never thought of this before but it is possible to have artificial grass in your property. You are going to save a lot of water. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance and care. And your lawn still looks great and beautiful. Moreover, grass is the main thing that wastes the water so much. It is also the one thing that always requires regular maintenance. There will be mulching, mowing, fertilizing, resodding, or reseeding. With the artificial grass, you won’t have to deal with these kinds of things. Your lawn will remain forever green in the simplest manner possible.

  1. Stone and Gravel

Stone and Gravel

Have you ever wondered what the special section in your garden will look like if it has stone and gravel, instead of grass? With the combination of gravel and stone, your garden can achieve the minimalistic and contemporary style. It is definitely low in the maintenance and it doesn’t need water at all! If you have a fire pit, stone and gravel will be the perfect accompaniment. You should consider combining artificial grass and gravel-stone elements. Wouldn’t it be great if you have this impressive garden with no maintenance or whatsoever?

It is also possible to combine perennials, ornamental grass, and succulents to spark up the lawn. As long as you come up with good layout and combination, your property will look as dashing as ever. This is why having the drought tolerant landscape design plans is important.

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