Drought Resistant Landscaping California Tips for Beautiful Garden

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Out of all room within a house, garden is probably the one everybody will be attracted to when visiting a house which has one. It may come as no surprise for garden comes with various species of plants and wide array of colors along with mesmerizing landscaping along with drought resistant landscaping California. Thus, many people have put their best effort in their garden in order to impress anyone else through their garden. Yet, not every garden is able to have all those ideas mentioned above. It can be because the house is located in arid area with low water. Yet worry not, you can still make a beauty out of garden thanks to drought tolerant landscaping ideas from California.

Drought Resistant Landscaping California Tips for Beautiful Garden

Tips on Drought Resistant Landscaping California

In doing that, you need to follow these instructions below:

  • Replace the grass with stone and gravel

Replace the grass with stone and gravel

Yes, grass is probably one of crucial components a garden should definitely have as parts of it. Yet, it can be of wrong choice to plant grass in a garden of drought prone area. If that is the case, you should replace the grass with stone, gravel, and paver to make total change in your garden. Not only will it give the unexpected yet welcomed feel in the garden, it is also of low maintenance without needing to water just like you do to the grass if you plant it. It is also a good place to plant cacti and other plants.

  • Plant cacti and other succulent

Plant cacti and other succulent

There are also other ways of making your drought affected garden green like any garden in high volume of water. In the replacement of green grass which absorbs high volume of water and needs high maintenance, opt for various types of cacti and succulent to make the garden green everywhere in the sight based on from the drought resistant landscaping California. These types of plant are suitable to be planted in arid area with low volume of rain and play the role of greening the garden as crucially as green grass. For the cacti, you can pretty much pick any type of it that you want; as for the succulent, pick the one like aloe, hens and chicks, and burro’s tails.

  • Plant ornamental and colored grass

Plant ornamental and colored grass

In addition, if you still shudder to the image of garden without grass like any other park is supposed to, you can still pick ornamental and colored grass from ideas. Non-green grass is not as needy of water as green colors, which can be very useful to be planted in arid area. Along with the various color the grass comes in, the grass will make your garden beautiful as they are with flowers and other ornamental plants.

  • Pick perennial flowers

Pick perennial flowers

Well, for the last tip on drought resistant landscaping California, plant perennial flowers to add some magnificent touch to the garden. Thanks to various colors these flower comes with, it can add magical touch to beautifully arid and drought-affected garden.

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