Transportation Insight: Do Greyhound Buses Have Bathrooms on Them?

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Greyhound buses become alternative transportation modes for traveling across cities in North America. So far, the bus connects almost four thousand destinations. Even though being popular option, plenty of people are asking do Greyhound buses have bathrooms on them. In order to answer this question, we need to look back on the overview of the buses themselves. The fleet belongs to the company named Greyhound Lines, Inc. The headquarter company of this fleet is located at Dallas, Texas. Originally founded as The Greyhound Corporation, this company opens its first line in Hibbing, Minnesota. Here is the complete overview of the facility offered by Greyhound buses.

Bathroom Facilities on Greyhound Buses

Do Greyhound Buses Have Bathrooms on Them?

In order to figure out about do Greyhound buses have bathrooms on them, it is important to look on the service it provides. So far, the company provides up to six services. Each service carries passengers to different destinations. Despite the great amount of services available, not all of them have bathroom facilities. Bathroom itself is considered as exclusive facilities on a bus. Therefore, the company only equips it on buses taking long line. Commuter line does not include bathroom facilities at all. Regardless, other facilities provided will keep the passengers feel comfortable.

Most of the buses provided by Greyhound, Inc. are serving for the Greyhound Express. This fleet is carrying passengers from one city to other city in the United States. The low fares of the buses make it more popular. Most importantly, it has bathroom in it. The bathroom is provided since most cities in the United States take long time to reach. Aside from the destination between cities, the bus sometimes does not take any stop at all. In order to facilitate their passengers, the company includes bathroom facilities in it. Spacious legroom is also provided to make the passengers feel more convenience during their trip.

The other service provided by this company is called Greyhound Connect. Compared to Greyhound Express, Greyhound Connect serves shorter destination. As the name suggests, the fleet connects shorter lines. Most of the destinations of this fleet are located in urban area. Due to the short destination it has, the bus does not have bathroom in it. The lines of this fleet can be found in Arkansas, Alabama, Missouri, Colorado, Maryland, Montana, Utah, and North Carolina. The characteristic of the bus can be seen from its smaller dimension. Since it is considered as mid-size transportation modes, the legroom is rather smaller as well.

Other than the route throughout the cities, Greyhound also has special service taking passengers to specific destination. This service is called as Greyhound Charter and Lucky Strike. Greyhound Charter is provided for passengers who want to carry group for specific destinations. Education institutions are often taking advantage of this service to carry the students to tourist destinations. Meanwhile, the Lucky Strike is providing easy access to casinos. For those of you who are wondering do Greyhound buses have bathrooms on them, both of those special services have bathroom as exclusive facility regardless the long of the line.

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