How to Decorate A Bathroom Ceiling?

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How to decorate a bathroom ceiling? All the ideas for an environment of style help you enrich the room taking advantage of low-cost solutions and above all full of charm. Sometimes, to renovate the bathroom does not require fine finishes: just follow some useful tip to give a new aspect to your house! Colors, lights, drywall, plaster, polystyrene panels and decorative frames can be of great help in this regard. We discover together how to decorate a bathroom ceiling.

One of the most common mistakes is to bind the beauty of a house with a huge expenditure of money. Instead, you can dramatically improve the appearance of the rooms, simply taking advantage of paints, stencils, panels and frames. Let’s start first with the first solution: If you have already chosen to decorate the floor with stencils, you can invoke the same pattern on the ceiling. Flowers and leaves are ideal for those who like a more romantic style; abstract patterns are perfectly suited to modern decorated ceiling; other doodles allow you to decorate with minimalist chic apartment style. In old houses you can dare with frescoes and drawings in acrylic depicting balustrades and subjects inspired by nature, the perfect decorations for ceilings in liberty style.

To decorate the bathroom ceiling with paints, we recommend you to use natural sponges to create a subtle gradient effect. Choose colors that recall those of coatings or go in contrast do not overdo it with vibrant hues such as red or electric blue.

The sponging technique is suitable especially for the ceiling of the Turkish and in cases where it is necessary to cover large surfaces: it is better to run it, though, after which the wall with a neutral color.

Another solution for the bathroom ceiling is to apply decorative panels: this is a technique that makes well especially in homes with a contemporary style but should be avoided for the villas from the sloping roof. In this case, to respect the rustic look of the building, you can apply faux beams on the ceiling, to be painted the same shade of the walls or leave in the natural color of the wood. Finally, a way to enhance your bathroom is to create elegant light effects: just create a countertops and place the spotlights to your liking. You what solution do you prefer? Browse our gallery to find out how to decorate bathroom ceiling.


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