Cost to Add a Bathroom Upstairs by Making Plans and Budgeting

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If you are thinking about doing some extra addition to your house, have you ever thought about how much the cost to add a bathroom upstairs is? Adding a new bathroom will be completely different from doing the remodeling project. You will have a new addition, which means that you will have to add things to your property. Keep in mind that such a thing has never been cheap. In fact, it is going to be costly.

Cost to Add a Bathroom Upstairs by Considering the Complexity of Work

Cost to Add a Bathroom Upstairs

Basically, having a new bathroom upstairs is more difficult and complicated than having one downstairs. You need to build a foundation to access the higher area and you certainly need to build a new foundation for the addition. Even when you transform an old room into a bathroom, there is a lot of work to do. Installing a new plumbing and drainage, for instance, will take a while, and let’s not forget that you need to connect it to the already existing system – if not making one. In short, it is a complex and difficult work.

Don’t be too surprised if the overall cost to add a bathroom upstairs can reach up to $40,000. Seriously, there are a lot of things to do, and the number may go higher in case there are unexpected things. Expect to spend at least $10,000 for the work. Some homeowners may be able to spend that amount but with several catches. They are doing half of the work, such as installing the vanities, painting the bathroom, and the extra finishing work. For making a new plumbing or drainage line, installing the toilet, and dealing with the lighting fixtures, they leave it to the pro. And keep in mind that those numbers are spent for doing the work on downstairs bathroom.

Well, let’s not forget that there are some crucial things you need to ponder when thinking about having a new bathroom upstairs. There are some crucial things you need to consider. First is room size. Not many people realize that the size of the room will have a direct effect on the cost. Do you want a small or big bathroom? Do you want a full bath or a half bath type? A full bath requires at least 35 feet. The size is spacious enough to allow you to move freely inside the bathroom.

Second, make a design. You won’t know how much you will spend until a design is made. Will you need a new lighting fixture? Do you need a new plumbing line? What vanities will be included in the new bathroom? You can always buy a design for $70 or $80, but the design is pretty general, meaning that it is not customized. If you hire a professional designer, the design alone can cost you $3000 but it will be tailored to your needs and your room. And the last, just consider the budgets. Be prepared for the worst because it is a costly project. Installing a new plumbing line can cost you up to $1000. Installing a new toilet can cost you around $300 to $350. How much are you willing to spend?

In the end, when you want to add a new bathroom, you should be ready to spend a fortune. In addition, always prepare extra because no one can guarantee that you will spend less than the budgets. Mostly, your cost to add a bathroom upstairs will be more than the planned budgets.

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