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In a corner kitchen you can not avoid at least one corner. That angle is always as large as the depth of the worksheet to the one end of your kitchen times the depth of the worksheet on the other end of the kitchen. At a worktop depth of 70 cm so you have an angle of 70 x 70 cm. Because this angle provides enough storage space, you just lost a lot of storage (it is after all a cubic space, so it’s actually 70 x 70 x height of your counter top). A kitchen carousel is a possibility, but there are more solutions.

In this article, we put a number in a row.

Tips for the corners of your kitchen

We have in the past often written about angles in your kitchen. Manufacturers come up with ever more technical solutions, providing a kitchen carousel is no longer the only option. Depending on your space and your need for space, there are many more options than any opportunities we already put one by one. Therefore, what follows a completely new overview.

1. A blind corner

To be honest, this solution is not in the corner of a kitchen, but in all other corners of your kitchen. If there is space between your kitchen and the corner of your kitchen is, you choose a hidden closet. This box then hides behind the wall is actually a hidden closet. The advantage is that you therefore have additional storage in the kitchen, but the downside is that there is always room should be free to open the cabinet.

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2. Kitchen Carousel

Kitchen carousel goes a very long time, and is therefore widely used to efficiently store pans and other large objects in an otherwise unused corner anyway. The disadvantage is also known to us if you wag too loud on the carousel, are you pans in the far corner and you have to play a piece of art in order nevertheless to be able to again.

As a solution, there is the corner cupboard, efficient, beautiful and just what more practical way to store large pans.

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3. Corner Cupboard Laden

After the carousel kitchen and corner cabinet corner cabinet drawer came. This is a tray that fits snugly in the corner of your kitchen, which offers a lot of storage space. The system you space not utilized at all, but somehow classify efficient, practical and fit. Corner unit Laden may purchase are quite pricey, but the system has now been several years in the market and therefore more affordable.

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4. Angled kitchen cabinets

We see it in practice not much, but architects and kitchen designers find him very interesting: diagonal kitchen cabinets. In this variant follows the kitchen not the walls of the kitchen, but they stabbing out correctly, which still emerge full-fledged kitchen cabinets. Which offers more storage space and more space on the worktop. The disadvantage is that there is a special counter for to come, and that does have a price tag.

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5. Corner kitchen sink

We see more often overhanging sinks. Who would you add well in the corner of your kitchen. That means that you get an angle in your kitchen, because there is otherwise little room for the sink. The advantage is that the solution is particularly, looks good and the same eliminates the problem of a useless space. That there is always enough storage space under the sink, has been resolved with this same solution.

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6. Blind spot

This is not the preferred solution of kitchen sellers and kitchen users, but you may want to consider placing a blind spot in your kitchen. You can then nothing with the space in the “kitchen cabinet” in the corner, but with the worksheet. A disadvantage of this solution is that you spend a lot of storage space – that must come from somewhere. The advantage on the other hand you never run into the limitations of a cupboard in the corner. We saw an example of a kitchen with a blind spot where a cabinet is built next. That cabinet offered storage space from floor to ceiling, making the room disappeared equally compensated and the blind spot just gets a special dimension. Also an idea!

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7. Seating

Look at it from the other side: make the awkward angle a nice sitting area in the kitchen. That means that the cabinets in the corner may not be as high as the kitchen cabinets (because you can not sit on), but it offers you a nice bench – possibly with storage underneath. Optionally you can use the seating area also completely detach from the kitchen cabinets, creating a separate corner with a corner sofa.

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8. Corner for kitchen appliances

Do not know what to do with the corner of your kitchen area? Consider it to put your kitchen appliances: if you have a convenient interpretation for vital corner and a permanent place where you are using your devices.

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9. Open shelves

Of course you do not angle to be closed. It may be just handy to have open shelves in your corner so you easily you can store and hold crockery, pots and pans. It does mean that you have to make careful choices to ensure that your kitchen is very restless or unattractive, but it has the advantage that you do not build near the corner and there to give a sort of “design wave”. You can choose to use top, bottom or top and bottom open shelves.

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10. Ordinary cabinet

Do you have enough closet space and you do not know what you have on the countertops with space? Consider it to put down an ordinary closet. The advantage is that you have plenty of storage. However, the cabinet actually not seat properly on your countertops and thereby correct the whole effect of your beautiful kitchen can destroy. If you choose a standard cabinet in the corner of your kitchen, then you have to be a carefully weigh the possibilities and what you can do best.

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