Copper Countertops Bringing Warmth and Elagance to Your kitchen

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Traditional home builders will always think of granite and other hard stones when the subject of countertops is brought up. But today’s house designers are turning to other alternative materials like metal.

We can now find a growing number of copper countertops in modern homes. Copper exudes that warmth and beauty unique to itself. It is a non-ferrous metal that shows a fascinating patina when it oxidizes. The color turns to a deep brown giving it a very rich shine. For hundreds of years, Europeans were using it for their table tops and other cooking utensils. Although it is softer than stainless steel, its beauty is more exciting to look at.

Copper will fit perfectly with a traditional, rustic type setting. But it can also blend well with other decor. Whatever setting it is brought into, it will add warmth and beauty to the place.  They also come in various colors and textures. This metal is well known for its changing colors. Copper changes its color and readily adapts to the color of the material that is put into it. This metal has a variety of color and textures and you will surely get one that will suit your preference.

Maintaining the beauty of your copper countertop will depend on whether you have sealed it or not. If you have sealed its surface, copper will retain its original color. Unsealed copper countertops however, will change in color after some time because of oxidation. Typically they will turn to a deep brown after a reasonable time. To maintain their original color, you need to reseal and re-polish them periodically.

Copper has a natural brown and golden color which can add elegance to your home. When it oxidizes, the color does not deteriorate but improve instead. Rusting develops a deep brown color in the metal which can project a unique class and style. Being made of metal, it is also strong and durable. If you are thinking of building a copper countertop, think about the following pros and cons. It will surely help you in your decision.

The Pros of Copper Countertops

Hygienic – a countertop made of copper is a natural sanitary place to prepare food. It is not widely known that copper was used by people in the past as a natural sanitizer. They clean drinking water by putting them inside copper containers or pots.

Malleable – copper is very malleable therefore installing copper countertops is not as difficult compared to stainless steel.

Rich color – whether it is sealed or unsealed, copper will give off a rich color of light to dark brown that give a warm feeling to the observer.

Easy integration – with its easy workability, it would be very easy to seamlessly integrate a kitchen counter sink into the countertop.

Warm and inviting – most home designers agree that a copper countertop has more warmth compared to the industrial look of a stainless steel countertop.

Non-porous – being made of metal, copper has enough density that liquids and dirt could not penetrate.

Heat resistant – copper pots and pans have been long used for cooking because of their ability to withstand heat. A copper countertop would have that same ability.

Easy to clean – with this metal surface, you only need a soft cloth and a mild soap to wipe off dirt and grime.

The Cons of Copper Countertops

Can scratch and dent – being softer than stainless steel, copper is more prone to scratches and dents.

Can be noisy – metals are naturally noisy and if a countertop structure is made of copper, which is hollow inside, any accidental bump will produce noise.

Expensive – compared to other materials, copper is also quite expensive. Cost per square foot ranges from $98.87 to $137.91. Some supplier goes even higher at $150 per square foot.


If you are looking for a special countertop that will also last long, then consider copper countertops. Copper has a very natural brownish color that exudes warmth and it can withstand the typical heat of a hot pot or pan. Even if you are careful, in time it will get light scratches. But these could be easily removed by polishing and/or resealing. Some aren’t bothered actually with these small scratches and dents because they like the look of weathered copper. They look more inviting. With proper care and maintenance, you will enjoy the special look of copper for as long as you want.

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