How to Learn Math by Playing Cooking Games

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Playing Cooking Games – Mathematics is a complex concept that requires a lot of practice and use. However, children do not want to sit down and put pen to paper. Therefore, parents and scientists must find new and interesting ideas for the explanation of this topic.

Cooking technique is one of those ideas. Identified himself as a powerful tool for better explanation of mathematics. On the other hand, we all know that cooking with your child can be a bit risky. Alternatively, you can use the cooking games that are very sophisticated and have the feeling of being in a real kitchen.

Using a cooking technique mathematics explanation is good, because the food meets basic human needs, experts say. Teaching in a way that engages our basic need, so the real and concrete class. Young children are visual learners and tactics. They never forget how you made those chocolate chip cookies. The lesson will be stored for a longer period.

Before you begin your math lessons, make sure you have selected a game that your child likes. If you want to make chocolate chip cookies, find out what kind of game. If you prefer a fruit cream pie, pizza or ice, finding that. Once you’ve found the perfect game for him, you can start with the maths lessons. Here’s how this concept:

Learn to count

When a kitchen set is used in the teaching process, there are a variety of options for counting classes. For example, at the beginning of the game, you can have the ingredients needed to make a chocolate cake. Count the eggs needed for the cake flour spoon and everything else.

Learn how to add and subtract

In the introduction to the theory of addition and subtraction, you can use questions like: If I have 1 cookie, and add another 2 How many do you have now? Or how many cookies are left after taking 2 of the total? How many are left? Discover the best way to put your questions. Your child should know what you’re talking about.

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Discover different ways

What is the best way to explain the different ways for your child? Well, I ask that the shape has the pizza. Asking the same question for all kitchen accessories. In addition, you can discuss how many corners or sides to every cooking accessory. Use each element you can introduce your child to shapes (round, star, triangle, streets and squares).

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Learn the vocabulary of mathematics

It’s really important to introduce your child to the world of math vocabulary. To do this, you can use simple tactics. Tell him to make two different pizzas in two separate games. Talk to your child with math vocabulary in context: That cake is bigger, the first or the second? Extend the math lessons by adding new words at a time. For example: the smaller, bigger, the same number, less, less, first, second, third, and so on.

Cooking games for learning mathematics can be used in many ways. Find one that is right for your child and start playing these games. Watch this video to teach children playing cooking games.

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