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The value of proper watering cannot be stressed enough for your container garden plants. Container gardens are exposed to wind and Sun, so they dry faster than plants in the ground. No accurate systems about watering your container garden plants. You should be familiar with the needs of a wide range of garden plants. The best advice is to check daily and water the plant when the outer part of the earth begins to look dry. Feel the soil will help you also agree the wet your container garden you want. Or, take the easy way out and invest in a meter of water if you’re not sure.

How and when the water depends on the type of system and type of terrain and the size of the container and the number of reflectors to sun and wind. Weather and climate play a role. During hot weather mainly in your container garden plants need water every day except small clay pots, you may need to double up. Some plants such as fuchsias and tuberous begonias, wither when dry, but geraniums and cacti are not as sensitive to neglect. On the other hand, it is good to let the soil dry out slightly between watering. This prevents the soil to reduce nutrients.

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Since the unglazed containers dry out quickly, looking directly at them. Wooden tubs, planters, planters and dry, more gradual; The metal is the race of all. Groups of plants in large containers keep wet more than individual specimens. An excellent technique to keep away from excessive dryness is to have groups of plants. This allows plants potted in shadow one another to contain and stop cool moisture evaporation.

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There are numerous methods to water the plants. If you have many containers in your container garden depends on from the hose, allowing water to flow through without haste and without problems. Water small vessels with a watering can with a long spout or buy one of the available boxes, automatic irrigation. When the plants are grouped in a container garden, set a sprinkler or hose with a fine spray nearby, allowing you to run a bit longer, until the soil is dry. In several States where the climate is dry, an automatic sprinkler system is a must to keep all your garden hydrated. Remember this tip with geraniums and petunias; stay away from sprinklers flowers tailored.

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One thing is clear; do not have to follow depending on the rain for your container garden plants hydrated. It’s also surprisingly small amount of moisture and showers fall unless the rains are frequent and long, you should do your own risk. Remember those jars and other containers, yard or under the trees can stay dry despite the rain all day.

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Although you need to give enough water to your container garden, it is equally important not to water and thus cause root rot. Over-irrigation also prevents the aeration of the soil and the plant drown.

A good technique is to set your container garden, if containers are not too big, in a bowl or bucket of water for a number of hours, or until the skins of the soil feels moist (this is the theory behind self watering containers). Or immerse the pot in a tub or a large barrel of water and put it there until the air is removed and the bubbling stops.

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The common rule is superior to thoroughly wet the soil when water and then let it go a little dry before watering your container garden. Best of all, it remains a small spiral notebook and paste the care of every plant so that you will always have the needs of each individual plant within reach.

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If you go for long periods during the summer, will give the container garden serious thought before doing a project. On the other hand, you can enjoy both parties and the plants if present for only short periods of time. The best guarantee is to trust your container garden to a friend in charge. Or, if you’re going for a holiday in the other House, or one that you have rented, take the container garden with you like a little house.

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Many techniques can be practiced. One is to organize smaller containers into boxes of peat, sawdust or soil that is dry. Then there’s the pot-in-pot system, where small boats can be found in large, with moist peat moss sandwiched between.

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