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A concrete floor in the kitchen can be very nice, especially if the floor is professional cast and regularly maintained. A concrete floor is not the most stain-resistant floor and that is something to consider when you want to apply it in the kitchen. Luckily you can get a concrete floor provided with a protective layer that can prevent most stains.

Fats and oils in the kitchen

With a polished concrete floor in the kitchen you should be aware that concrete is somewhat porous and fats and oils can easily penetrate into the pores without additional protective layer. Grease stains on concrete without protection, are difficult to remove. They cause dark spots in the concrete and it is especially in the light (gray) concrete floors that such grease spots stand out well. Over time, if the floor what is worn, moreover, they will go less noticeable wear and they as it were, by itself from the floor. On dark concrete floors are spots less visible.

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Concrete protect against stains

A concrete floor can protect a number of ways against moisture, dirt and stains. Some methods you can apply yourself, for others you will have to engage a professional.

1. Protect concrete floor with natural oil

To give a concrete floor a protective film, you can rub it with linseed oil, that may also contain a small amount of turpentine (for dilution). By scrubbing the floor with this mixture he is somewhat darker and gets a nice shine. You can take the floor later is best cleaned with soap based on natural oils (such as linseed oil or beeswax). In this way you retain the protective top layer and fill you up so that moisture and dirt pores of the floor is less easily able to draw on the floor.

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2. Impregnation of the concrete floor

There are resources on the market that allows you to impregnate itself a concrete floor (for example from the Lithofin brand), but it is better to call in a professional. These may need to get the ‘curing compound layer are removed from the concrete before you can proceed to impregnate about. In a modern way of impregnating a liquid on the floor is made that affects a chemical reaction with certain chemical elements in the concrete (crystallization). The pores in contact with the floor will forever filled with special crystals leaving the floor, as it were ‘closed’ and is much less sensitive to moisture, dirt and stains.

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3. Concrete floor coating

A third possibility to protect a concrete floor against stains is the coating of the floor. This involves not so much filled the pores (such as impregnation), but there is provided a transparent protective layer (coating) of synthetic resin disposed on the floor. This is often polyurethane or epoxy. The disadvantage of the coating of the floor is that the view of the floor is also changing. The surface will, depending on the technique used will reflect more.

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Concrete floor: imperfections belong

When you take a polished concrete floor, you have to take into account minor imperfections. Small tears, color differences or other flaws are simply part the ruggedness of a concrete floor. Want a super-tight floor in the kitchen that is perfectly smooth and completely stain resistant, you better choose a plastic cast floor. These are also available with a concrete look.

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Cleaning polished concrete floor

  • Never use bleach to clean the floor!
  • Do not use acidic cleaners (vinegar, anti-lime).
  • Be careful with acidic beverages (soft drinks, fruit juices).
  • Remove stains immediately with plenty of water and a natural pH-neutral soap.
  • Do not let water or damp things stand on the concrete.
  • Scrub the floor regularly with a protective (and nourishing) product. If you do this regularly, you will have extra long can enjoy a nice finish.

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Worksheet in Betoncire

If you have a concrete floor and also you the rest of the kitchen wants to give a concrete look, you can have a look at Betoncire. With this material you can on pretty simple way the worktop in the kitchen or a complete wall an authentic concrete look stylish. Betoncire, also called concrete piece, is a waterproof plaster material and it is excellent for use in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Choose a kitchen sheet in concrete also provides an extra robust appearance.

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Concrete floor cost

To make pouring a concrete floor, you can count on a price between 50 and 110 euros per square meter. The large price difference depends on the total area and the difficulty of the areas. When you take into account the fact that no screed, adhesive or grout is needed on a concrete floor, the placement is often cheaper than a tile floor. In addition comes pouring a concrete floor very quickly making a full house in less than two days can be completed.

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