Common Problems Associated With A Glass Sliding Door

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If your glass sliding door isn’t functioning the way that it did when you first installed it, there are more than likely a few problems going on that are commonly associated with these types of doors. To help clear up some of the issues, go over the problems that are so common with glass sliding doors, outlined below, and figure out if one, or more of them are happening with your door.

Dirt Inside The Tracks – When the door leads to the outside of your home, this is one of the most common issues that happen with sliding doors. The dirt that blows around outside ends up down in the tracks, which can cause a wide host of other problems.

Faulty Rollers – As dirt collects down inside of the track, faulty rollers are one of the other problems that arise. The dirt gets into the wheels that helps the door slide back and forth in the track, which creates turbulence when you are trying to move it. This turbulence can eventually build up to keep the door from opening and closing all together, which can become a true hassle.

Bent Locking Mechanism – If the door has even been slammed shut, and no longer closes properly, you are going to end up dealing with a bent locking mechanism. If the locks have faulted out, you are leaving your home open for security risks. To avoid these problems, you want to take a look at the lock and make sure that it is still functioning properly, and, if not, make plans to change it fairly quickly.

Rusted Locking Mechanism – If the locking mechanism is not bent, but still fails to function properly, you may be dealing with a rusted lock. The humidity that your door is subjected to will create rust in the bare metal of the locking mechanism very quickly if you have not taken care of it properly.

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