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In the United States, as per the regulations of the Federal government and local state government, it is not possible for you to cook the food at home if you intend to sell them. You have to use commercial kitchen for rent for cooking and selling foodstuffs to outsiders. However the laws have been made flexible recently and many states permit you to prepare certain foods at home, in case you are a startup entrepreneur. You need not have to obtain license for preparing food at home for selling. It is known as cottage food laws and even now some states do not permit the citizens to commercialize the business at home. In that case, it becomes mandatory for you to search and book commercial kitchen for rent for running your business efficiently.

Sharing the commercial kitchens is one choice for the caterers who are looking out for commercial kitchen for rent. You can find many non profitable organizations which allow their kitchen for subsidized rent for cooking food. It is enough if you make payment for renting the kitchens on hourly basis for those commercial kitchens. You need not have to worry about licensing and other legal formalities. You have to search on the internet to locate shared and used commercial kitchen for rent for making business.

Another choice is using the kitchens of Church in your area. There would certainly be many synagogues and the Jewish centers which offer commercial kitchen for rent to caterers for fixed rent. Many times, the kitchens of Churches are not utilized for cooking in full extent and whenever they are free you can avail the facility of renting the kitchen for preparing food.

If nothing is available free of cost or for hourly rent, then you can contact your competitors in the field. Search for the caterers who are using commercial kitchen for rent like you and you can share the charge with him/her equally for using the kitchen. Anyway, the kitchen which is setup for commercial purpose will be large and it is possible for two or three people to cook simultaneously.

Some restaurants also permit the caterers to cook in their kitchen when they are closed for holidays or gone on the vacation. There are restaurants which open only in the evenings and you can very well use the available kitchen for cooking. However the rent they ask for cooking in the place may be high depending on the reputation of the restaurant and the area in which it is located. This is another way for finding commercial kitchen for rent in your area.

You can make use of school kitchens and college kitchens by consulting with the management authorities. Some schools may be closed for a month for summer holidays and in that case you can use their kitchens for rent.

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