The Secret of Cleaning Carpet with Baking Soda

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Baking soda and ammonia are the products most suitable for cleaning carpet, while to remove stains, you can also use a solution of vinegar and water: economical and environmentally friendly.

The housewives always use old fashioned bicarbonate and elbow grease to clean the carpets and brighten the colors. Baking soda, perfect for house cleaning, it is also suitable for synthetic carpets to shine, with long hair and short, but also of wool and silk. Just spread a bit on the carpet, leave it for a few hours and then delete the fairy dust with a vacuum cleaner. Baking soda plus thoroughly revives the colors even absorbing unpleasant smells that the carpet imprisons. Also it is not aggressive, making it the ideal product for cleaning Persian rugs which, as we know, are particularly delicate.

Beware of dust and moisture

In addition to dust to be enemy of carpets is even moisture that can compromise its structure. All the women of the House must therefore be careful not to lean on the carpet vases with flowers and plants; as if their accidental wetting surface you have to run for cover by dabbing the wet area with some rags in order to absorb promptly the excess water and then dry them well in the open air, without exposing the Peck in direct sunlight can fade the colors. Domestic accidents in part to have bright carpets clean is crucial to care for it daily, and the Kobold can definitely help all housewives to prevent dust and dirt accumulating between the plots of the carpet. To remove mites and reduce allergens present in textiles the Vorwerk has designed a kit of brushes for carpet EB350 EB351 can remove even the most stubborn dirt.

Clean the carpets with ammonia

Another product that just like baking soda, helps all women to keep clean the carpets of the House is ammonia. After having thrown the carpets on both sides and left them “breathe” outdoors you can start the cleaning phase itself. The Board, when dealing with Persian rugs and other carpets very processed, is to dilute the detergent with water, avoiding too aggressive solutions. Is it possible to use dilute ammonia solution (one tablespoon per 3 liters of water) but also water and trichlorethylene or special detergents for carpet cleaning. The important thing is not to pour the cleaner directly on the carpet, but use a damp cloth can caress and clean the entire surface.

For a DIY cleaning (and for the most stubborn stains) perfect is the vinegar

If the ammonia and baking soda are shown to liven up the colors of the rug and to wash it thoroughly to remove stains instead use vinegar and water or water and alcohol. For those who love the cleaning DIY and want to avoid chemical and industrial products, the advice is to use, for a routine cleaning, tea leaves or wet salad, as a micro environmentally friendly cloth, always maintain alive the colors of the rug.

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