The Characteristics of A Country Kitchen

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Every consumer – and even any kitchen store – seems to have its own definition of a country kitchen or cottage kitchen. What is the one kitchen seller nationwide, find another vendor classic cuisine or even different. That makes it a bit tricky if you want to buy a country kitchen. What exactly are the characteristics of a country kitchen? Making a country kitchen stands out? Kitchen Experiences made a brief statement.

Country kitchen or cottage kitchen

In this article we write about the country kitchen and we also use the term “cottage kitchen”. Veritable cottage kitchens we do not know much in the Netherlands. Therefore, the cottage kitchen is often a common denominator rallied the country kitchen. That is not always right because some cottage kitchens are true catering kitchens, while other cottage kitchens, especially the English cottage kitchen, not so lightly.

For convenience, we therefore see the crowds country kitchen and cottage kitchen under a container floor.

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Soft Colors

Rural kitchens are generally light and airy color. Mostly rural kitchens white, off-white (off-white), cream or beige. However, not much can go wrong if you deviate from the colors and choose a pastel shade like pale green, pale yellow or light blue. Of course you can use different colors together, but you still quickly tap the rural character lost and you get really to the light and airy holiday in kitchens. That can be very beautiful, but not so much more to do with a country kitchen.

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Open cabinets

Granted, kitchen cabinets are subject to trends. What this year is all in, may be out of fashion over three years. It is also risky to mention open boxes as a characteristic of country kitchens. In the real country, the tables often just close otherwise they are covered in dust. Yet we call it here, because in rural kitchens are combinations of dense kitchen cabinets and open shelves as possible. Moreover, you can also choose cabinets with glass door, making them still seem open. Today swing open tables even more to look than to the practical side. The open character feel bigger kitchen.

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Today would not everyone paneling more: it’s just not that into fashion. Fortunately, you can also get a country kitchen without paneling. For real rural impact you can of course add paneling and just paint in a trendy or matching color. Thanks to the visual impact you have not so much to evoke a real country feel.

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Crossing sinks

Crossing or vintage sinks are not so very long established, but they are widely associated with rural kitchens. Crossing sinks are extra wide and deep, so they can contain many large pots and other objects. Because they are close to the edge of your counter top, they also work once more ergonomic. You should, of course, to get used to and not jarring, because it is downright painful.

Crossing sinks can be found in all shapes, sizes and finishes. Great opportunity so that you find one that really suits you.

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Kitchen cabinets in furniture style

Kitchen cabinets in a country kitchen look like real furniture: sometimes with louvered doors, detailed buttons and all kinds of operations. Thus, you get the feeling that the kitchen is a real living space. Sleek kitchen doors are in a country kitchen then really out of place.

Handles are often of a dark metal or cast iron.

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Hardwood floors

A country kitchen has ideally a hardwood floor. Of course that’s not a must or obligation, but a real eye-catcher. You can opt for raw boards or oiled and / or lacquered shelves. Wood stretches and shrinks it. Therefore, you can also choose to tile floors and ceramic flooring, tiled flooring with parquet pattern.

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