Buy Box Spring: Types of box springs and their prices

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One of the most sold beds is the box spring. A box spring is easy to make, offers great comfort and is easily combined in an existing interior. For all these reasons you see box Springs lot back in hotel rooms. What types of box spring you can buy and the advantages and disadvantages you’ll discover here.

What is a box spring?

In its simplest form, a box spring an upholstered bed base which includes an innerspring system or pocket sprung. These spring bed base is mounted in a metal or wooden frame which stands on legs. Popularly is a box spring meant a complete bed, so the bed base bearing the mattress. But in fact, the term ‘divan’ only to the bed base.

Building a box spring

A box spring is made up of: the frame, the box spring bottom or spring pocket spring, an upholstered mattress and often a pillow-top mattress. At a Scandinavian box spring are additional comfort layers.

Types of box spring

Box springs can be divided into three categories: flat (non-adjustable) box Springs, electrically adjustable box springs and Scandinavian box springs. What is your best buy box spring depends on your personal preferences and price:

Flat box spring

A flat box spring, box spring, also known as fixed consists of a frame with a bed base (with bonell innerspring or pocket spring. This is a mattress. Flat box springs are not electrically adjustable.

Electric box spring

An electric box spring is provided with one or two engines with which the headboard and the footboard can be adjusted in height. At a double mattress, in which it is desirable that both mattresses are able to move independently of each other, used a Splittop mattress. This is a down mattress topper (pillow-top mattress) that on top of the existing mattress. An electric box spring offers by the adjustable head and foot end more comfort than a flat box spring. Well-known brands that you can buy are Auping, East born and Pullman.

Scandinavian box springs

In fact, Scandinavian box Springs standard box springs (flat or electric with pocket spring) but then supplemented with various comfort layers. So not only is the mount with a layer but also the mattress itself. Characteristic is the pillow-top mattress in which natural materials like horsehair, wool, cotton and Kashmir. All this often in combination with natural latex. Well-known manufacturers of which you can buy Scandinavian box springs are Hästens, Jensen and Carpe Diem.

Benefits of a box spring

  • Entry height is usually pretty high, so easy in and out
  • The body weight is distributed evenly
  • Easy to make (no bedranden)
  • Wide range of materials so well combined into an existing Interior
  • A box spring has a fairly open construction and is released as a pretty good
  • No hard seam (bed edge) between two box springs
  • A box spring is quite compact (without headboard and foot Board)

Disadvantages of a box spring

  • The fabric of a box spring is sometimes hard to maintain. There may also be substance in the material settling what is disadvantageous in house dust allergy. Allergy sufferers should choose a box spring with leather or imitation of leather.
  • Some people find it ‘ springing effect “of a box spring not pleasant. This also depends on the type of suspension of the bed base and mattress (innerspring or pocket spring)
  • If the mattress after a time needs to be replaced, it is sometimes difficult to get the same substance if the substance with which the mount is covered.

Buy box spring: prices

A standard double box-spring bed of a famous brands is starting from €1800. Would you like an electric adjustable bed (only headboard adjustable) then you should count on such a €3000. Scandinavian sleep systems (of the well-known brands) start at around €7000. The prices for the luxury Scandinavian box springs can amount to as much as €30,000!

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