Best Paint for Bathroom Vanity and How to Do the Work on Your Own

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What is the best paint for bathroom vanity? If you are asking this question, it is most likely that you are trying to do a DIY project involving the bathroom cabinets and such thing alike. Refreshing your vanity can be a good way to change the appearance of your bathroom. It is often included in the remodeling project where the new vanity will look new, creating a totally new atmosphere.

Best Paint for Bathroom Vanity, Getting the Facts Straight

Best Paint for Bathroom Vanity

The cool thing about repainting the bathroom vanity is the flexibility. Whether you want to have a DIY project or hire other person to do it, that’s up to you. Whether you want to retain the old color or paint it in a completely new color, that’s your choice. Just be sure that you are confident in doing the work and you choose the right color that would spark up the bathroom.

For the paint, a lot of paint professionals agree that semi-gloss paint is one of the best because it will protect the vanity from humidity, chipping, moisture, and staining. Not to mention that it is pretty affordable so you won’t have to hurt your wallet for the work. Feel free to choose between the acrylic paint and the oil-based type. Both of them have this semi-gloss quality. If you want to spend extra, consider buying the so-called bath paints. Such items generally contain protective agents and mildewcide that will prevent mildew from growing. Those are some of the great options when it comes to choosing the best paint for bathroom vanity.

When you are doing the vanity repainting work, there are two major things to do. Make sure that you do them both to gain the best result.

  1. The preparation

When you want to change the appearance of your cabinet, you can’t actually slap a new paint on top of the old one. You need to prepare it first so the result won’t be downright ugly. The preparation stage includes removing the doors, hardware, and drawers. Don’t forget to sand the overall surface and then clean it. It will create a ‘virgin’ state for the cabinet so new color can last. Not to mention that the result will be smoother and longer lasting.

  1. The core work

Before the paint, you need to prime the cabinet’s surface first. Use two layers of water-based type that will make the paint stick for longer time. The water-based type will dry within two hours. After applying the first layer, wait up until it dries. Then apply the second layer and wait again. Afterwards, you can apply the paint then choose the type that you want.

  1. The finishing

Whether you want to add veneer or replace the hardware with a new one, that’s up to you. The finishing step is optional and it is based on your preference.

To enjoy a greater experience and outcome, consider using high quality brush. The quality of the brush, believe it or not, will affect the painting quality. And be sure to prepare the right spot to do the painting. You should do it outside, probably in the garage or other place with roof enclosure so you can work comfortably without having to worry about the paint creating spill or stain inside the house. Now that you know about the best paint for bathroom vanity, would you like to give it a try?

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