Best Four Color Choice, How to Combine them Properly

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Colors play an important role in room décor and interior design. If you manage to combine several colors together, whether they are matching or even contrastive, the final outcome will be amazing. With the best four color choice, you can mix and match different colors, and expect an impressive result in the end. So, what color schemes are the best for each room?

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Best Four Color Choice: the Various Options of Different Hues

You should know that different colors will create different effects for different rooms. For instance, a soothing and peaceful green bedroom will be different from the vibrant and energetic red home office. Or a calming white living room will have different effects from the pale blue kitchen. With different color arrangements, not only you can create your own colorful and fun room but you also manage to create a visually appealing style.

  1. The Matching Hues

When it comes to colors, you have two main options: whether to come up with a matching and balance hue or to come with a completely contrast effect. A matching hue will create a harmonious feel and balance to the room. For instance, you want to create an orange living room with orange as the main color. You can pair it up with a matching red leather sofa or the yellow cushions. As you can see, all those color options are coming in the same shade: red, yellow, and orange. Add white furniture to balance it out. This is only a simple example of how such a matching hue can improve your interior look with the simplest arrangement.

  1. The Contrastive Hues

It is okay to use a completely different hue and shade to design the room. You can also implement the best four color choice to create a different outcome. Let’s say you want to create a vibrant and energetic kitchen. You don’t have to paint it in red; it would be too common. Why not painting the wall in combination of green, brown, and white? Paint the wall in dark green which will match the light brown kitchen cabinet and turquoise kitchen island. With white ceiling and white floor, your kitchen will look stylish and yet colorful (but not to the point of being tacky or cheesy).

You can also have the orange wall with black cabinets, white floor, and turquoise chairs. These colors may not share the same shade but it is their contrast trait that makes them unique and different. The same color arrangement can also be applied to other rooms, for instance a white home office with one red focal point, black furniture, and black and white floor. They are contrast and yet everything seems harmonious and stylish.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to include a basic and neutral color as the accent. Whether it is the black cabinet or the white floor or the ivory rim, you should include it into the color palette. Plan your colors carefully and thoroughly. Try to match and pair each one of them so you know how the final result of the best four color choice will be.

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