Benefits of Installing Fireplace Screens with Doors

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Fireplace Screens with DoorsMost people like to gather near a fireplace because it can give them warmth. Comparing to an open fireplace, people nowadays prefer to install fireplace screens with doors instead. It is because the open fire leaves wood scent that can hardly disappear in the room. Meanwhile, a fireplace with glass doors won’t do that. Instead, it can make your room in the house more stylish. For more reasons, check them below.

Reasons of Having Fireplace Screens with Doors

  1. To give more efficient heating

For your information, instead of causing wood scent, traditional fireplace only contributes not more than 10% heat to the room. That is because most of the heat produced is gone through the chimney. Meanwhile, fireplace screens with doors contribute more heat for it actually absorbs and radiates the heat from the fire effectively. So, no more energy wasted. Your room is even warmer.

  1. To save costs for heating

Having a fireplace with glass doors means you have saved up more money for living. The reason is simply because you don’t need to buy exclusive gasoline to burn the wood. Since traditional fireplace requires an open space, fire in it can be easily extinguished when there is strong wind in the mid of winter days. Therefore, you will need expensive gasoline to make the wood keep burning.

  1. To protect your kids and pets

It is obvious that fireplace screens with doors can prevent your kids and pets from playing with the fire. As kids are passionately curious, it is possible that they stand near the fireplace to get to know how it works. If the fireplace at your home is the traditional one, then it can cause hazard to them. The same thing can happen to your pets as well since fire can look attractive to them.

  1. To make you healthier

Having an open fireplace has proven to cause some health problems, such as skin irritation, respiratory problems, eye irritation, and even cancer due to creosote exposure in the chimney. Besides, the powdery dust resulting from the burned wood can eventually cause problems to your lung through respiratory process. In addition, having open fire at home will give a risk in carbon monoxide poisoning from the oxidation process of burning wood into fire. That’s why it is better to change your traditional fireplace with the modern one.

  1. To give beauty to your room

There are many stylish types and models of fireplace screens with doors that surely can give an attractive look to your room, such as Mediterranean style fireplace screens, clear glass fireplace doors, metal screen fireplaces, freestanding fireplace screens, and many more. You can just adjust the types with your personal liking.

In conclusion, having a modern fireplace can be so beneficial for you; not only for a better appearance of your room, but also for your health and safety. Although it may be pretty costly, the benefits will never disappoint you. As you read have the text above, you really should start installing fireplace screens with doors now.

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