20 Ideas About Bedroom Design Tips

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In this occasion, we will discuss a little bit about bedroom design tips. Well, you should not design most personal room in the house in vain because you can realize your wildest imagination in the bedroom.

Typically, a personal element was seldom touched when considered as the most private area. I was so impressed the guests personal and untouched, sleeping room setup allowed “safe” and potluck. Occupants are also often hesitant for fear of realizing the dream because the bedroom was not quite comfortable.

In fact, the bedroom is one part of the house that can be designed specifically to pamper you. Moreover, the very elements that give you a personal show, can improve the comfort and sense of belonging. That is, the experiment out of the box is okay to apply, in the bedroom, as long as not out of the main function.

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Show your identity

Although the source of this is the design inspiration for the hotel room, it does not mean you can not take design inspiration from the following rooms. Is rustic, minimalist, urban, feminine, or a more bold pop art? To design the room, you have to know what your character is and what the desired theme.

Do not forget to calculate your comfort with the choice. Not only the aesthetic side should take precedence, but also comfort, because this is very important. Determination of the themes can be drawn from favorite characters, hobbies, style of architecture, or as simple as the dominant color. Another factor that must be considered is the area of ​​space, climate, lighting, and budget.

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Modification of forms

Rooms nuanced “light and airy” and dominated by white and gray, the shades are usually very stiff impressive. Although the colors seem “cool”, this room looks very warm and cozy. Powered adequate lighting, a bed with a high headboard and a slick of thin iron elements become the focal point of attention.

Soft color does make the atmosphere calm and comfortable, but we need to avoid the trappings of boredom room. For example, the color of the tone but there is an unusual form there.

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Color combination

While the rooms are brightly colored, making the atmosphere more fresh and reduce the use of light in the room. But, this room creates an atmosphere that is not sleepy. So, avoid using more than three colors in a bright room. The dominant color remains one of course, it is also very important.

He gave an example, if you or your baby avid pop art theme, embodied in some detail ornament. If you do not dare make a big picture on the wall, just paint one wall with a bright color, and display posters or knick-knacks supporters.

Conversely, if the field will draw on the walls, choose a color that is not too much contrast, such as room design “Ballon d’Or” is a favorite of football lovers. Coated terrazzo walls, which resemble marble textured coatings are also used in football stadiums in Europe, was so impressed cool room and cool.

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Material exploration

Want a warm bed? The answer is to use natural materials such as rattan, wood, and brick. Assisted adequate lighting, this material remains suitable combined various styles of furniture.

After that, try to combine a variety of natural materials, textures and colors in the bedroom. For example, exposed brick walls and dark brown for the ceiling. This mix will make the bedroom look more spacious though combined decorative ornaments bright warm.

Especially for the room that is not too roomy, you can distinguish the color of the wall areas with other areas. In addition, the selection of a high headboard and bed made ​​of rattan will make the ceiling appear higher so the room does not seem cramped.

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