Bed Canopy Design Ideas

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In this opportunity, we will share some information about bed canopy design. Canopy on the bed for a long time it has been used. As explained earlier, the initial function of the canopy is to prevent the wearer from exposure to cold air and keep warm while sleeping in bed. But often the changing times, now people prefer to function as part of a canopy bed decorations even the bedroom because of its unique, beautiful, and stylish. Moreover, in the present canopy has been available in various models and sizes that can be adapted to the type, size, or any kind of bedroom concept.

Speaking about the selection of a canopy for the bed, it’s worth it to whom its user adjusted later by considering age, whether children, adolescents, or adults. In addition to the age factor, canopy design also must be adjusted to its gender, where girls generally prefer the girlish style decor princesses, while boys prefer things simple and sporty. By knowing the taste differences, we will more easily determine canopy design and materials.

Want to know what kind of unique decorations that match the age or sex of a person? Here are some interesting tips and ideas on decorating a canopy on the bed.

Bed canopy for girls and young teenager

Type a bed canopy for children or young girls who should wrinkle fabric and lace. Let’s ruffle or lace hanging down to the floor. In addition to materials, also make sure you choose the right color canopy. Because girls like things girlie, keep you pick a colorful canopy but still incorporate elements girlie, for example through the use of pastel colors, pink, beige, and yellow. Thus, the child or young women who are in bed is decorated with beautiful canopy will feel like a princess.

Bed canopy for boys

Not only girls who like canopy. Sometimes, the boys wanted her bed decorated with a canopy that is unique and captivating. But, certainly in the canopy bed boys will be a little different from the canopy in girls, although the function is similar to that just adds stylish.

Bed canopy for the boys, choose a design that resembles a tent. However, try to select a material canopy lightweight but strong, like-nylon. To make it happen, make a bed on 3 sides closed and leaving one side as the entry door. Add zipper to open the door as where it is appropriate that we usually encounter in mini camps.

Bed canopy on the bed for adults

Given the canopy to be made intended for adult users, must be chosen decor and not as busy as the more minimalist decor in children. Typically, canopy for adult further highlight the impression simple and convenient. But if you want more the artistic touch, select materials canopy of the same type or have the motive that is consistent with the concept of space.

In addition to fabric, you can try other materials as the canopy. For example, to create the impression of a tropical style, select canopy made ​​from bamboo planks and attach just above the bed. Make sure that the installation is strong enough and does not endanger the person sleeping under it.

If you like, you can add a curtain. However, the curtains were installed here is different from the existing curtain on the child’s bed. Choose a thin curtain, then using a circular ring associate each edge of the curtain in 4 existing pole at the edge of the bed corners. For long curtains, you can customize it to your taste, if only half or until it touches the ground.

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