How to Become an Interior Decorator and Where to Start

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Before discussing about how to become an interior decorator, let’s first understand what an interior decorator is and how it differs from an interior designer. For your information, interior designer is someone who studies interior designs as a professional degree. Meanwhile, being an interior decorator doesn’t necessarily require a degree, but an aesthetic sense on the work after the renovation and structural planning are done. However, although interior decorators technically don’t need a professional degree, it doesn’t mean that they can’t acquire knowledge from outside. There are some certification programs providing a degree for interior decorator to learn more about this field.

How to Become an Interior Decorator and Where to Start

To sum up, the designer mostly deals with things like spatial planning and renovation. However, decorator help clients decide the most fitted style of the house, along with its furniture, color scheme, and decorations. Now, if you are interested in becoming interior decorator, here are some guides for the starters.

How to Start Becoming an Interior Decorator

  • Polish your ability in home decorating

As you have understood what interior decorator does, now let’s discuss how to become an interior decorator. First of all, you really need to have a good eye for colors, decoration details, and everything about visual designs. Those natural skills are so much helpful in this field. Also, you have to keep updated with the latest trends in interior decorations. By that, you can easily help clients deciding what to be added in the house to make it more beautiful.

  • Build your links

Secondly, have many friends and acquaintances to extend links. Having good links can ease you find profitable clients to help you develop your professional career as an interior decorator. It is also pretty important to join a professional organization for decorators. Joining this organization will allow you to not only stay updated with design industry, but also to build a network with many professional decorators out there. As a newbie in this industry, this can be such a huge opportunity, right?

  • Search for suppliers

Third, start searching for good local suppliers to help you with decoration stuff. Make sure that every time you need something for your work, they will be ready. Next, start practicing. You may have been familiar with the term “practices make perfect”, right? This time, even though you get small budget or not at all, try to help your friends, neighbors, family, or relatives when they are working on a house decoration. If they think your work is incredible, they will tell other people about it and start spreading the news that you are a great interior decorator. This is another way to have clients.

  • Make business card

Last but not least, make a business card for your future clients. You can also make use of a website to tell people that you are a compatible interior decorator. Remember, this is just a starter to make people notice that they can rely on their house decoration to you. That’s all on how to become an interior decorator for beginners who have just found it as a passion. It is not that hard to follow, right?

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