How to Become a Decorator without Formal Education

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There are a plenty of sources that show explanations and descriptions about how to become a decorator. But in fact, there is still a confusion to distinguish between decorator and interior designer. Generally, interior design is related to finishing, surface processing, furniture arrangement, materials picking, and wall coating. On the other hand, decoration is a key element of an interior design but not specifically pay attention to the interaction and human habit which is an interior designer’s realm of work. Someone who focuses on decoration is called a decorator. Though the main duty of a decorator is to decorate a room or space, he/she can work in a variety of interior design field and cooperate with an interior designer to conduct some planning activities such as redesigning an apartment or designing a showroom. But there is no any rule that requires this profession to hold a government official permission.

How to Become a Decorator without Formal Education

Before finding out some ways on how to be a decorator, it would be better to know some job descriptions of a decorator.

  • Picking style, finishing, and placement in space.
  • Picking color and texture and designing styles.
  • Choosing and placing arts and accessories.
  • Choosing lamp design.
  • Choosing plants and planters and placing them.

The conclusion is that the responsibility of an interior designer is wider, it is not only just decorating a room or space and make it looks beautiful, but also considering functional, security, comfort, and safety aspects. While an interior designer is a sub field of interior design, related to decorating, adorning, and arranging elements in a room.

How to Become a Decorator

  • Obtain Many Ideas

Some references mention tips on how to become a decorator. Most of them state that ideas are like an asset for a decorator. A good decorator should have a talent for choosing what is nice with the room. Stuff should be in the right place to create balanced ambiance. It is important to hone this skill to improve a sense of beauty. Start observing what you like and what should be changed whenever you enter a room. Obtain as much as ideas through the internet or magazines.

  • Start Practicing

You will never know how far your ability, unless you take part to get hassles done. Practicing is important to measure your skill in handling things. Start from your home and homes of relatives and friends even without being paid. Let everyone know the ability, skill and talent you have. Later or sooner, it will be a good profession and it is easy to earn money.

  • Involve Yourself in a Training

It is possible to be a decorator even without holding a degree in interior design. As long as your skill and talent are approved by many people, it means you are feasible as a decorator. However, try to improve your competitiveness by joining in any courses or certification programs in this field.

Following some basic principles on how to become a decorator will take you to the higher level of competition. It is a great opportunity as well as a challenge.

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