A Beautiful Background for Your Kitchen

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A beautiful kitchen does not end with a nice kitchen and a matching top. After all, your kitchen consists also of walls. How do you give a nice look? And how do you ensure that your countertops stand out? This is possible with a back wall or backsplash.

Backs and varicose edges

With the back wall, we mean the whole visible back wall of your kitchen. When we talk about a varicose edge, we have it just about an edge to around 30 centimeter above your counter top. A back wall covered so (almost) all the visible wall of your kitchen, while a varicose edge only to be able to quickly remove splashes.

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Modern kitchen back wall

The time of a back wall that was tiled in 15 × 15-tiles is far behind us. All kinds of design developments have led to a fully tiled back equally at all anymore in. At the same time we see that there are fewer and fewer kitchens with upper cabinets. This creates a kitchen block with an almost bare back wall.

As a result, the possibilities and the look quite different. How you can dress up your kitchen now? We discuss in this chapter a number of possibilities.

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Kitchen back wall of tiles

That certain tile types have become old-fashioned, does not mean that tiles no longer can. With tiles you can make your kitchen that is very personal. Particularly in the field of tiles we see very nice trends. The main trend, which we also see in the bathroom and outside, is as large as possible. Tiles of 60 x 30 cm or larger than no exception.

That tiles must be incidentally, also in line with current trends, be a natural color. Brown or orange is no longer “allowed”, but black, dark grey, grey and wood look may then again though. And to be honest, those colors also fit all the way in the kitchens of today. It should come as no great difficulty to unit in your kitchen.

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Many tiles are nowadays not more in a square format. Vertical tiles currently do it very well. Who does one hear to pile up, but related. The back wall is tight, but the result is quieter than if you all tiles in the same way above and next to each other would post.

Tip: not every size is suitable for any kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, you’d better choose a smaller size. That gives you plenty of rest on in your kitchen.

Varicose edge of tiles

Tiles are ideal for splashing edges. You choose in this case a ridge about 25 centimeters which you combine with one of the following options such as chalkboard paint betonstuc. You can even make betonstuc the backsplash and again with something else. A backsplash is useful, but if you’m chooses, it can fit perfectly into the design!

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Storage back wall

There is, except for the kitchen island, no cooking without rear. That brings kitchen designers and kitchen studios on innovative ideas. Kitchen brands such as SieMatic and Poggenpohl, developed solutions that you can use the back to clean up your stuff. So you can create or select niches for example in the rear open pockets. So you do not opt ​​for a cupboard or wall unit, but for a free space with storage. Tiles in that case are often not a good idea because the design no longer comes into its own. You can then choose the walls for another option, such as wallpapering, painting and plastering.

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Wallpaper in the kitchen doesn’t seem to be the most practical solution. When you don’t choose washable wallpaper, you can the difficult cleaning. Paper or vinyl wallpaper is a disaster, because you often get no more stains out. However, wallpaper be an interesting solution. Wallpaper is available in many more species than tiles. In addition, it is cheaper and you can make it faster and remove it again.

If your favorite wallpapered is not available as washable wallpaper, you can choose to paint the wallpaper. Wallpaper stores sell special purpose wallpaper. Possibly is clear coat is also an option. If you do it right, you can even run into a hot pot of soup fling without stains left behind (or first just testing …)!

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Chalkboard paint

Each kitchen has a calendar and memo Board. That is nice, but should be fit within your design. In addition, you have the calendar and memo Board still somewhere can hang up. With chalkboard paint to make the memo Board in any case unnecessary.

Chalkboard paint buy cheap at paint stores or other specialty stores. A little specialty store even has several different colors such as pink, blue, green and black.

You bring the easy to paint on the rear wall and can then on your wall chalking. Fun, creative and useful. And if in the unlikely event the wall becomes damaged, you can paint over it again soon.

Chalkboard paint does not suit all kitchens, but occurs mainly in rural or tight kitchens well to his right.

Tip: are you not afraid to even know what else to try? Paint than a cross wall of your kitchen at all with chalk paint. Cool and useful!

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Concrete stucco or concrete cire

One of the latest trends in the kitchen is concrete, a concrete ciré stuck. Concrete ciré is a finishing product for walls that are very similar to concrete. However, if you bring the stucco.
Concrete ciré is his right if you have a counter top of concrete. At the back of this e-book you can find an article in which we explain how you can create your own counter top of concrete. With some technical adjustments, you can also use the manual a counter top of concrete ciré. By a counter top of concrete or concrete ciré to combine with a back wall of concrete ciré, you give the impression that the walls overflowing in the counter top. That delivers guaranteed enthusiastic responses!

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We see that glass is becoming increasingly important in the kitchen. Currently all counter tops in tempered glass produced. Backs also follow this trend. Instead of tiles you choose for a back wall of glass. However, this can not just glass are: that splinter too quickly, resulting in life-threatening situations may arise. If you want to a back wall of glass, you should so choose for tempered glass. That is more expensive, but the risk of cuts and arterial bleeding notes or by.

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