The Stylish Factors of Bathroom Vanities with Makeup Table

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Having bathroom vanities with makeup table can be really handy, considering that the bathroom will be used by all of the family members, including the ladies. Of course, there are some useful ideas of how to manage the layout so it won’t look like a messy chaos. But when it can be done perfectly, the final result will be awesome.

Overall Management of Bathroom Vanities with Makeup Table

Basically, combining the bathroom cabinets with the makeup table is pretty common although most of the homeowners don’t really realize it. In the most common layout and arrangement, the cabinet is placed right next to the wall and then a mirror is added to it. Voila! You have the spot to apply makeup or simply check yourself after taking a shower. But what kind of vanity should you include in your bathroom design? How to manage it all?

  1. Contemporary Feminine

Bathroom Vanities with Makeup Table Contemporary Feminine

Feel free to have a bathroom cabinet with a sink and then add the mirror on it. But if you want to have a really handy makeup platform without disturbing the usage of the sink, it is possible to have another lower counter next to the primary one with full length mirror. The counter can be wall mounted with drawers so you are able to use the space underneath for a chair. This is super chic and yet handy, and you have your own makeup counter that won’t bother other vanities’ usability.

  1. Deluxe Luxury

Bathroom Vanities with Makeup Table Deluxe Luxury

Having a luxurious bathroom cabinet with glass and gold accents will definitely make the bathroom look sophisticated and glamorous. This may not be one of the most effective bathroom vanities with makeup table but it is exclusive. With glass top and a gold brass framed mirror, the cabinet will look gorgeous.

  1. Elegant Timeless Piece

Bathroom Vanities with Makeup Table Elegant Timeless Piece

Do you have a bathroom cabinet with marble top on it? Never throw it away; you have a treasure on your possession. The wooden part can be varnished and polished to retain the glow while the marble top can be a perfect place to keep the makeup. It would be handier if there is a drawer, but even if there isn’t, the marble countertop will do. Simply pair the cabinet with an elegant mirror, preferably with unique frame. Well, your bathroom will improve on its own.

Of course, it would be helpful if there is a clever management on how to maximize the function of the vanity as well as the makeup table. There are some simple ideas to make them go along well. For a starter, use the makeup organizer. Instead of leaving your makeup items scattered around, it would be best to use an organizer. In this way, not only you can manage your makeup usage better, you don’t have to deal with the unpleasing clutter either.

Second, don’t forget about separation of function. It would be best if you are able to separate some of the function. For instance, if the vanity has a full and solid top, pairing it up with the mirror and use it as your makeup spot will be okay. However, if the vanity has a sink on top of it, it would be better to have an extra countertop next to it. Can you imagine how crowded it is to have a sink and a makeup platform within one spot?

There are still many other options for the bathroom vanity with makeup platform. Choose the one that you like and the one fits your bathroom’s theme. If you are creative and smart, you should have no problems dealing with the bathroom vanities with makeup table plan.

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