Bathroom Tiles Design Ideas and How to Manage the Style

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Designing the bathroom may not be the easiest plan to execute but there are some simple and yet great bathroom tiles design ideas that will help you with the design as well as the whole arrangement. Although you shouldn’t underestimate the complexity of the process, you shouldn’t over-fuss it either. Don’t worry; there is helpful guidance that can help with the management.

Some Catchy Bathroom Tiles Design Ideas

Tiles are versatile and they are good looking too. Managing the tiles requires careful plan but it can also be an easy project too. Spend your time doing research and explorations about different types of bathroom tiles design ideas and you should be able to come up with a stylish option.

  1. Graphic punch addition

Bathroom Tiles Design Ideas

Who says you can’t mix the patterns in the unconventional ways? Who says you can’t mix different colors as well? Consider having blue and green (or any other color) for the shower area tiles. This effect will be even catchier if you have glass shower enclosure. Feel free to have it your way: you can mix the tiles for the entire shower area or you simply focus on a certain part and have a go. If you mix the entire shower area, it is good to provide room arrangement and boundary. If you only do the mix in a small part of the area, you are creating a focal point which is done in the smartest and most stylish way ever.

  1. Marble, anyone?

bathroom decorated with marbles

Will it be too much to add marbles after marbles after marbles? Of course it is not. Imagine this: you have a bathtub close to the window. The area surrounding the window is accented and decorated with marbles. The bathtub itself is made from marbles. The floor is marble. It is such a catchy and elegant way with the tiles, right? It would be better to choose different colors for the marbles. Patterned marbles can be used on the windows. White plain marbles are used for the bathtub. Black marbles are used for the floor. Adding marbles is one of the best and classic bathroom tiles design ideas.

  1. Floor focus

Floor bathroom tile

So, you don’t really like having a too extravagant design and outcome. Fine, simply focus on an area and make it a focal point. The wall will be too common and mainstream. So, why is not the floor, instead? Have the tiles arranged in a unique way to draw everyone’s eyes and attention to the area. Combine it with unique color combination too. This is pretty simple and yet the effect can be drastic and impressive.

  1. Tiles combination

bathroom Tiles combination

Have you ever used different colors of tiles in a different shape too? Try it and see how it works for your bathroom. This is one of the simplest tricks in bathroom tiles design ideas. But combining different shapes and different colors, your bathroom will look different in the edgy way.

In the end, there are still myriads of options out there. You only need to choose one or two bathroom tiles design ideas to deliver a unique look. Don’t go overboard with too many different options because it will be too much.

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