2017 Bathroom Remodel: Rain Shower to Replace Your Old Shower

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Bathroom remodel ideas can be applied for many purposes. One of those is to add more comfort whenever you are about to use your bathroom. If this purpose is the one you have in mind, changing your old shower with rain shower seems to be a great idea. Moreover, rain shower is also a trending bathroom item in this 2017.

Plus Points Available in Rain Shower

As a trending item in 2017 bathroom remodel ideas, rain shower actually has quite a lot of plus points. The first one is comfort. Using this shower is better than using regular shower because the water usually pour from wider surface that it looks like a rain in your bathroom. This gives you more relax feeling whenever you clean yourself up in your shower room. This can be perfect to use when you feel tired after doing activities for the whole day. Other plus point you can obtain from the shower is the ease in cleaning yourself since the water poured is spread instead of focused. One thing you may not forget is that the rain shower is more suitable for normal or even spacious bathroom instead of the small one.

Rain Shower with Light for Modern Bathroom

Right now, rain shower is also available in a quite futuristic design since it can also be completed with light. When it is turned on, it looks like the water emits light. This can be way more interesting if the light has color instead of just white light. With a stunning futuristic feature like this, the rain shower is so perfect to choose for both futuristic and modern bathroom interior design. The most common shapes available for this shower also seem to support this compatibility. For you to know, the shapes are usually round, square, and rectangular. With all great values like these, even if the price of this rain shower may be a bit high, it is equal to the benefits you can obtain when you do a bathroom remodel by using this shower as the main item used.

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