Bathroom Accessory Sets: Lots of Ideas For Your Home

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How to make functional and welcoming one of the main rooms of the house. Let’s face it: now is the bathroom of our house where we spend almost most of the time. There are no more quick, quick showers washing teeth or shampoo flash. Bathroom accessory sets an important role in furnishing for your bathroom.

Especially in the evening or on weekends, when we have more time available, the bathroom is the location for some healthy and perfumed relaxation. For this reason the bathroom is given special attention under furniture. Many accessories designed for this room, many of true design (fortunately available at large retail chains with different price ranges), so that each apartment will have its own customized bath.

Colors in the bathroom with IKEA

For those not too minimalist and see or all white or all black, a bathroom with colorful accessories will surely be the best choice.

Usually in this case you opt for green and blue, the colors that most naturally evoke water and sense of well being. But also a beautiful orange or hunter green does not fail to make bathrooms more lively and welcoming. If you prefer the style shabby chic and provencal atmosphere the ideal color is lavender, especially paired with Wicker baskets and wooden furniture white.

If, instead, we want a stylish bathroom you’ll be fine metallic shades that will make the refined environment. The IKEA brand offers a large amount of colorful bathroom accessories, soap dispenser at suckers hang towels, up to the rolls of toilet paper. Something for all tastes and budgets.

Design accessories

Especially when at home we have two bathrooms, we can choose to make colorful, informal smaller one reserving the larger room accessories design. How, for example, the products of the Danish company Vipp: each piece is truly a minimalist and contemporary furnishing. Here the price range rises sharply, but definitely the most discerning guests will be satisfied.

Brush holders also want their moment of glory: those stainless steel Baston by Lineabeta I will live again. Are made of ceramic with steel handle and silicone, which becomes the head of a duck or umbrella. However, the line Skoati, more minimalist, does her figure.

And then wastebasket, scales, stickers to decorate the walls (and why not the same sanitary) and carpets: a touch of fantasy and we will have a bath!

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